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What to Sell in August? Top 6 High Demand Niches to Dropship in the Coming Months

What to Sell in August? Top 6 High Demand Niches to Dropship in the Coming Months
CJJul. 30, 2021 05:10:10402

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Looking for a niche to start with your dropshipping business? What niches will sell in the coming month? In this article, I will share 6 promising niches with the highest demand.


Here are the top 24 niches which got the most searches on the CJ marketplace. You can see how many times each niche was searched and how many users are looking for products under that niche. These 24 niches all got more than 1,000 searches over the past 30 days. People search for them because they want to sell them, and those niches are the hottest dropshipping niches that got a high demand.



Today, let’s focus on the top 5 niches on the list as well as a niche with great potential.



1. Pets

The top 1 niche on the searching list is the pet niche. The pet niche has always been an "evergreen" niche. You must have heard many people recommended it. However the data speaks, it sells more than you think! Pet supplies are the most searched products. 1531 Users have conducted 21,021 searches within a month, and pet bed is the most searched product among them.


Don't be surprised by its market popularity. Pets are important members of many families, and many families even have more than one pet. Take the pet bed as an example. Just like the quilts we use in different seasons, pet beds also need to be constantly replaced with the changes of the seasons, which makes this niche market have continuous vitality.


Pet niche also has other gears like the dog harness, It also has a high search interest on CJ. In general, the pets niche is a very good niche and we can see the continuous demand in the market. It's never too late to sell it at any time.



2. Accessories

The next niche that is promising is the accessories niche. Accessories are also an "evergreen" niche. In the past month, the search volume for jewelry was as high as 13,915 times, and 1,100 people participated in the search for such products. Among them, the search volume for bracelets was the most. Why is it the bracelet? Well, it is because the audience of the bracelet is the widest. Usually, it doesn’t need to consider size and match. It can be used to display your preferences and attitudes. For this reason, the bracelets are a great sub-niche to explore.


Fashion jewelry has always been very popular on CJ, not only because of its high demand but also because of its high profit margin. CJ has a shipping line especially for thin and light Accessories products, and the price is very reasonable. So it's a low-cost, high-profit margin niche for many beginners to dropship.


3. Shoes

The third niche is shoes, which are a necessity for daily life. Since July, there have been 8067 searches, and 508 people have searched them. Among them, sandals occupy more than one-fifth of their search volume. This is been a hot period for selling summer products, the demand for sandals is on the rise.


Take the time, it is so important to catch the seasonal products that you can target a particular audience during the summer season.




4. Kitchen

Next is the kitchen niche. The kitchen is also a highly searched keyword. In the past month, 411 people searched the kitchen 5364 times, and kitchen knives were the most searched products among them.


Different kitchen knives need to be used in different kitchen environments, such as chopping knives, fruit knives, Japanese fish knives, etc... The variant amount is very large and wide. Not only that, but the variant of the kitchen and knife-related products also sells well.


Let's take the vegetable cutter and knife holder as examples. The vegetable cutter serves as an alternative to kitchen knives to some extent is selling extremely well on CJ and has been recommended in recent videos. As an accessory for kitchen knives, the knife holder is usually sold together, which also got a high demand and sales. 


5. Leggings

Fitness niches always performed well. In July, 360 people conducted 5091 searches on the fitness niche, ranking fifth. Among them, leggings have the highest searches. To start selling this niche, It’s really important that you pick leggings with a unique design and that will allow you to market those leggings to a particular audience. For example, for audiences who practice yoga, seamless leggings are more popular. The audience who likes to run would prefer leggings with good breathability.


Simply selling leggings is a little bit tough though a lot of people are doing that. However, if you sell them with other fitness sub-niches or sell them in particular styles and fabrics, like a solid color, leopard, polka dot, striped or seamless, quick-drying, breathable, or something like that. You will attract people who love this topic and looking for a corresponding product. That’s going to allow you to find your customers more easily when you start marketing in the coming months. It will help you take a broader market.



6. LED Lights For Recommendations  

The last lamp niche is the potential niche I want to recommend. Although currently ranked ninth, there are still 339 people who searched it 3613 times within a month. Among them, the search volume of led lights is more than one-fifth. Right now the interest in LED lights is exploding. In terms of recommendations for lamp niches, LED lights definitely have a place.


So I was wondering why it has got so many interests. After comparing many products, I found that LED lights derive many variants which are used in all walks of life. One of the most popular is the LED ring light used for live broadcast and photography. In addition, there are eye protection lights, decorative lights, and so on. The wide range of uses is beyond imagination.


If we take a long view. Lamps, as lighting tools, have been indispensable since ancient times. It is a product that has been "evergreen" for hundreds of years. If a niche is always needed and evolves according to demand, or even supports other industries. That is a profitable niche!If you’re looking for lamp niches, don't just focus on the traditional one, pay more attention to its variants and applications, a bigger market will come out.