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eBay Dropshipping Q&A | Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions from eBay Sellers

eBay Dropshipping Q&A | Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions from eBay Sellers
CJSep. 10, 2021 09:35:524591

eBay is the second biggest eCommerce platform in the world after Amazon. Now we have more and more customers who are using CJ to fulfill orders for their eBay stores.


To provide better supplier solutions to eBay sellers, CJ has integrated with the eBay platform and more specialized functions for eBay stores are going to be updated soon.


Here we collected 12 questions that eBay sellers care the most about CJdropshipping and the solutions.



1. Is dropshipping allowed on eBay?




In terms of the eBay dropshipping policy in 2021, dropshipping, where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier, is allowed on eBay.


This means in another word,  if you use and continue dropshipping where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier, is allowed on eBay.


As a dropshipper, you’re allowed to purchase directly from suppliers, which means you can still dropship if you are getting your products from a wholesale supplier.


So, if you’re thinking about getting started as a dropshipper on eBay, you can source the products from a wholesale supplier.


2. Where to find reliable eBay dropshipping suppliers?



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You might be worried that purchasing from wholesale suppliers will always need to purchase a big quantity of products, handle the storage and sell them all by sellers. The good news is that the wholesalers, nowadays, can also sell in small MOQ, and even one single item.


You can find many wholesale platforms that support ordering in a low MOQ or even no MOQ.



We have already uploaded one article about reliable wholesale suppliers for eBay sellers, for example, CJdropshipping, Costway, SaleHoo, and so on. You can go check the recommendation list here.


3. Can I do eBay dropshipping with CJ?



The answer is an absolute yes. CJdropshipping provides wholesale purchasing with no MOQ and private inventory services with no storage fees.


It means that eBay sellers can purchase and stock their inventory in CJ's warehouses but no need to pay for the storage.


CJ supports connecting with eBay stores, sync, and fulfills orders, we are also available if you import orders manually, just do in the way you preferred.


Of course, fulfilling orders from wholesale suppliers are totally legit according to eBay's dropshipping policy.



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4. Can I connect my eBay store via CJ API?


The API is ONLY used for Personal Websites. To avoid unnecessary network errors, just do not connect the eBay store via API.

We have specialized authorization access for eBay, you can connect your eBay store with CJ directly.


5. How to keep safe while dropshipping on eBay?


To keep your eBay store safe, you have to keep high standards of account health. You need to monitor the seller-level metrics and maintain them to run your store for the long term.


There are more factors that affect your eBay dropshipping business safety levels, following measures are for your reference:


 - Avoid late shipments: make sure the supplier is shipping the products within the time stated in your shipping policies.


- Avoid defect rates by not canceling transactions caused by out-of-stock items. Look for the same item from another supplier or offer the buyer a similar item before canceling the order.


- Always answering cases that buyers open on eBay and PayPal is another way to avoid defect rates.


- Always looking after your customers, even if sometimes it costs you in losing on some deals, even if it feels unfair since these closed cases without seller resolution will do no good to your store.


- Update tracking numbers on time.


- Always maintain communication with your buyers after the sale, it will also help you to build trust with your customers.


- Get familiar with the eBay restricted items section and do not sell counterfeit and infringing products.


6.  What should I do if I failed to connect my eBay store with CJ?



Store Authorization on CJ is quite easy, it only needs a few steps. You can go to My CJ > Authorization > eBay to add your store.


If you get an error notice after submitting your request, you can go back to check your store status on eBay-If you have already signed in? If the eBay store that you logged in is the same as the one you are going to connect to on CJ?


If the error still exists after checking everything, you can contact the online agent with the screenshot of this error for help. The agent will help you to connect to your eBay store.




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7. What should I do if I failed to list products from CJ to eBay?


If you found the listing is failed, just calm down, and check the possible reasons that I'm going to talk about and fix it. Also just remember, you got our online agents who are ready to help you anytime in the chatroom


Different reasons may lead to failed listings. But first, just make sure your eBay store is well authorized with CJ and make it activated.


Then please ensure you have not exceeded your listing limits and the UPC codes have been provided as required.


The next thing you need to do is to read the error notification. There will be a reason and solution for your reference.


CJ is also working on improving the related eBay functions like simplifying the listing process, etc.


Possible reasons might be:


- Corresponding categories, in this case, you just need to change another category and try again.


-The International Selling Agreement has not been accepted.


- The title or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may violate eBay policy.


- UPC codes missing.


- Exceeded limitation of quantity or the listing amount.


eBay allows you to list up to 342 items and 17,300.06 US dollars in total per month. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to list products once there is not enough quota. You could check the status on your eBay admin page about your listing amount.


- Paypal (email) issues. Please make sure the Paypal account you are using in CJ and eBay is the same one


- Insufficient variant information. Just make sure to fill in all the requisite information in the popup.


- Tick all the variants. Or you can click "edit before listing" to only list part of the variants.


- Duplicate attributes. Please kindly note that the attribute group(combination) of every variant should be different.


-  Please make sure the account you're using is a business account.


We have uploaded all these ten possible reasons and detailed solutions to our help center. You can click here to find the tutorial page


Feel free to ask the agent for help if you feel a little bit stressed out. CJ always got your back.


8. How to increase listing quantities on eBay?



If this is the first time for you to apply for the listing quantities, you can go to the eBay help center to accomplish it. 

If this is your second time to apply for increasing listing quantities, then just try to click the button "Request to list more" on the Monthly limits page.


9. How to fill in the UPC option while listing?


UPC means Universal Product Code. It consists of a series of unique black bars and 12 numeric digits.  It is used for tracking trade items in stores and helps to identify a particular item and its features like the brand name, item, size, or color.


eBay requires product identifiers like UPC in many categories. They make it easy for buyers to find your items on eBay and through external search engines.


That's the reason why you need to fill in the UPC code when you are listing from CJ.


You can apply for UPCs from the GS1 website, or simply enter "Does not apply"  first while listing.


10. Why my orders are shown “Invalid” after syncing to CJ?


The orders could be fulfilled normally only after all the products are well connected with CJ. In another word, when there’s one product hasn’t been connected with CJ’s in the order, this order will show “Invalid”.



You can click the “Connect” button to fix the unconnected products and then this order can be fulfilled normally.


11. How to add the IOSS numbers for eBay users on CJ?


There are two main ways for IOSS declaration on CJ: declare with your IOSS and declare with CJ’s IOSS.


For the eBay sellers who need to add IOSS on CJ, you could add eBay's IOSS number as "your own IOSS number" directly.


12. How can I  track the shipping status?


You can find the tracking number on CJ and track it by CJPacket.com first.


CJ is now working on improving the services for the eBay platform, featured functions like “tracking status synchronization” will be available soon.



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