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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Jewelry Dropshipping | ft. High-quality Supplier: YFN Jewelry

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Jewelry Dropshipping | ft. High-quality Supplier: YFN Jewelry
CJDec. 03, 2021 08:12:082186

The very common question about dropshipping jewelry - is the market saturated? The answer is: No.

So what is it that makes jewelry the ever-green niche to sell? First, you need to know some unique features of this very kind of product.



#1 Small and lightweight

First, jewelry is light and small in size, which makes the shipping cost comparatively low. Another good thing about jewelry is that it won’t be damaged easily during transportation. 


Take YaFeini’s package as an example, when the customer receives the package, there’s gonna be a bag, and this little white box attached with protecting cushion, and inside the box, there’s going to be the jewelry and a polishing cloth, which you’ll be able to clean your jewelry with.



#2 High-profit margin

The profit margin of jewelry can reach 25%-75%, there’s a huge profit space, and there is no certain pricing standard, the most important thing is to create the visual identity, which is a piece of cake if you choose the product with the right design.


Speaking of which, YFN also offers customized products, like this name necklace, you can choose the material from copper, silver, and gold, and get yourself special nameplate jewelry.



#3 Various types help to build your own business

Jewelry products have various types, which can be used to focus on a certain category or multiple categories. You can build your business surrounding a certain kind of material, for example, silver. Or you can also build your business around special features or functions.


Like YFN, they have products like photo necklaces, which means you can personalize the picture you want in the necklace and even carve some special text on it.


They also have a product with a meaningful function - an urn necklace, which is basically, you can put the ashes of your pet in the necklace so to commemorate the loved one. This product you can also find in their CJ store.



Example on high-quality jewelry supplier — YFN Jewelry  

There are three types of suppliers, manufacturer, wholesale, and local hand-made artisans. Obviously, it’s not very realistic to dropship the handmade jewelry, since the price of which can be a bit too high, and it’s very time-consuming, when one style becomes a hot-selling product, the supply won’t be able to keep up with the demand.


So if you are looking for product quality, good design, and a smooth supply chain, YFN would be a great choice. 


About YFN

YFN was established in 1998, which means they’ve been producing jewelry for more than 20 years.


If you keep doing something for 20 years, there’s no way you are not a pro on it. Just like YaFeiNi, with two decades of experience, they are absolutely an industry-leading brand when it comes to jewelry, you can trust your business with their technology and production.


Find YFN on CJ



To be honest, the first difference can tell is their price, almost every piece is around 20 dollars, and this is not a common price compared to most accessories people choose to dropship with.


However, the reason behind the price difference is the producting cost. YaFeiNi persists to offer the best quality with an eye-catching design, all products they sell use real 925 silver and authentic crystals, you can also find 10K/14K/18K gold-filled jewelry too.


In a nutshell, from silver to gold, zircon to diamond, all kinds of metal and stones are broadly and flexibly used in YaFeiNi’s products, as they believe that, jewelry is more than a shiny piece, it should be last for a long time to contain the joyful moments and meaningful memories behind.


Choosing YFN as your supplier, also means that you don’t have to worry about supply consistency. With 3 factories in China, they are able to produce 40,000 pieces monthly, and with their own professional design team, they are able to update their products twice a week.




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