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CJ Wholesale-Find the Best Manufacturers for You

CJ Wholesale-Find the Best Manufacturers for You
CJNov. 02, 2021 08:24:103365


If you’ve been tired of negotiating for a lower price with a middleman or you are afraid of being cheated by bad suppliers because you are not able to follow up the production in person, then CJ Wholesale is just the perfect choice for you!


Learn about what is  CJ Wholesale in this article, and how CJ will help you start, scale and brand your business.



What are CJ and CJ Wholesale?


CJ Wholesale is a one-stop solution provided by CJ Group(AKA CJdropshipping).


You can only find direct factories and original manufacturers on CJ Wholesale, that’s why you can always get a bottom price for your product.


And you should never worry about being cheated by bad suppliers who may ship you with defective goods or even worse-get your money and disappear! Because CJ will field visit every factory, follow up the production, and do 100% quality inspection twice for every item.


CJ Wholesale also provides branding services including Sample Customization, Print on Demand, Custom Packaging & Private Label, Customized Professional Photography for both big and small businesses.



With CJ Wholesale, you can design-produce-ship your own unique products, which makes you stand out in the market. You came up with an idea, and let CJ make it into an article, and deliver it to your customer, then you earn the profit.




Why choose CJ Wholesale?


Founded by Andy Chou (CEO) and his team in 2014, CJ Group has served over 450,000 sellers worldwide for 7 years.


Now CJ has 7 warehouses in China, the US and Europe, and has cooperated with suppliers all around the world, so we can help to source worldwide and fulfill worldwide with fast shipping.



With a professional team formed of 845 dedicated employees, CJ helps entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses with ease. With 24/7 online customer service, you are able to get an assistant anytime.



We work with giants.


We are a partner to more than 50 biggest companies/brands in the industry, including top eCommerce marketplaces, logistics providers, and sourcing plugins. This enables us to access innumerable product listings, faster shipping times with cheaper prices, and seamless platform integration.

So why not try CJ Wholesale now? You don’t even need trading experience, we’re here to help.

Our dedicated agent will guide you from beginning to end. Just feel free to ask anytime, smash the chat icon to try our 24/7 online service.


Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Or download CJ mobile app to get access to our service anytime.


Choose CJ, you just focus on growing your business, we take over everything from sourcing, branding to shipping. CJ Wholesale, you sell, we source and ship for you.



Find the Best Manufacturers with CJ Wholesale👇


Product Sourcing, Factory Inspection, Sample Customization, Print on Demand, Custom Packaging & Private Label, Customized Professional Photography and more services for both big and small businesses.