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Best 10 Potential Products to Sell in December| Seasonal & Gift Ideas

Best 10 Potential Products to Sell in December| Seasonal & Gift Ideas
CJNov. 30, 2021 09:17:431187

Soon we are heading to the last month of this year. For people who live in colder places, their interest in something about “warm” or “heated” is on the rise again. During winter days, seasonal products with heated functions always attract customers' eyes. 



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Thus ten super potential products are prepared this time and all of them are validated winners for your reference if you want to know what to sell in the coming December, including 4 seasonal hot-selling products and six trendy items which could be perfect gift choices for families, friends, or pets.



#1 Diaper Backpack with Bottle Warmer



This is a new version of the backpack, with two heater pockets design and one USB interface.


Thanks to the bottle warmer design, parents can put babies' nursing bottles in the backpack and turn on the heater. So that whenever their babies get hungry, hot milk is ready anytime to feed.


Such a diaper backpack has already developed a huge market base, and the sales are increasing again recently, in some top seller stores, the price range is between $50 to $69.



#2 Mini Space Heater



This space heater is designed to be portable and fast-heating, you can take it anywhere to create a warm and comfortable space. This actually is a new version of a space heater with a colorful and pleasant look, it can not only be a space heater but a delicate decoration to bring a delightful atmosphere to your home.


People living in winter tend to purchase more heater products when the outside gets colder. The recent sales of such items began to rise compared to the last month. The historical max dropshipping price on AliExpress even reached $48.15 once.



#3 Silicone Spatula with Digital Thermometer


Chocolate is another hot word during the winter. It kinds of like a bond connecting people, especially during holiday seasons.



This silicone spatula actually got a 2-in-1 function, it can be used as a spatula when you are making chocolate or desserts and to monitor the temperature; at the same time, it can be used as a digital food thermometer simply. So this product is highly recommended to dropshippers in the kitchen niche. 


This kind of digital thermometer spatula received a lot of good reviews on Amazon recently. High-quality customer reviews such as some short videos to show how the buyers are using it while cooking can be perfect free ads to attract more potential customers for you.



Sales on this spatula are also performing well recently on AliEpxress. The same product can be found on CJ as well, with a $5.97 product price and the wholesale price could be even more competitive.



#4 Candy Melting Pot



The next product is also about chocolate, which is a chocolate melter. This is like a heating pot to let you melt chocolate or other candies inside and make dessert. It also has a mini version, easier to use and clean.

There will be many family parties at the end of the year, and homemade desserts just like an important part of the parties or dinners when people stay together at home. You can find there are many good reviews on this kind of melting pot lately, the sales volume also starts to increase again.



Sellers can also create some kind of bundle products for homemade dessert topics such as putting this melting pot and the silicone spatula in one set for winter promotion in your stores.



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#5 LED Pet Nail Clippers



Nail clippers are almost a kind of must-have product for every family that raises pets and what makes these LED pet nail clippers stand out is their LED light and anti-splash function.


With the built-in LED light, you can see the nails clearly to avoid cutting your pet mistakenly, besides, this nail clipper is designed to be anti-splash. You don't need to worry about the nails will fly all over the floor anymore. So this will definitely save pet owners a lot of effort.


Talking about the peak time for the pet niche, for your reference, in our latest blog about weekly eCommerce news, let's take the Australian market as a sample: According to new research from eBay Australia, with spending on animal gifts expected to reach $360 million, nearly half a third of consumers are planning to buy Christmas gifts for their pets.



By now,  such similar pet nail clippers are doing great on AliExpress, the sales got increased sharply in over one month. The product price on CJ will be lower than the prior store, with a one-piece dropshipping price at $8.27. At the same time, CJ offers wholesale product prices at $1.49-$1.6 base on the MOQ.




#6 Pet Sniffing Ball



This product has been a proven seller recently. Simply place biscuits deep in the fabric folds, and the material will bury them inside the ball. When dogs are tracking down the hidden snacks inside, it helps to burn energy faster than physical exercise as well as reduce bad behaviors and separation anxiety.


What's more, this sniffing ball is machine washable so that you can make sure the ball is clean for your pet all the time.

Now let's take a look at the sales condition on AliExpress, you can see the sales just increase sharply these days. The price range is from $4.28 to $4.49.



You can also find the same product with a price of $3.23 for middle size now on CJ. For a private inventory, the product price could be even lower according to the MOQ.



#7 DIY Take-apart Dinosaur Toy



So the next product on today's list is for kids, it's called a DIY take-apart dinosaur toy. Not only the pet niche, but the toys niche is also super hot during this period. You can see from the top ads posts, two out of five are about gifts for kids.


Let's take a look at this take-apart dinosaur, kids can assemble the dinosaur by themselves, the joints of the dinosaur are movable to make many poses. What's very creative is, each different dinosaur part can be taken off and re-assembled to create kids' own unique dinosaurs. So it can be a good gift choice for 3 to 7 years old boys or girls. 


Now the dinosaur toy is only $1.55 on CJ, with 7-15 days fast shipping to the US at $6.84, the total dropshipping price will be $8.39.



#8 Wireless Car Vacuum



The next product is another proven seller on CJ and it is a wireless vacuum for cars. It seems that recently people are quite interested in car vacuum and such topics, the searching trend on google and amazon are all increasing.




These kinds of wireless mini vacuums are so portable, you can put them in your cars, office, or just any corner or draws, when you are going to clean things up, just take this out easily with one hand. With a USB charger interface and useful tools, this mini vacuum can be a very practical helper in people's daily lives.


It has already received many orders on AliExpress in these two months. What makes this type of mini vacuum competitive is actually its price, for one vacuum only costs $15.77 on CJ, sellers can choose 8-15 days fast shipping at $18.98 so that the total dropshipping price is $34.75.

For wholesalers, the cost per product will be even cheaper.



#9 Wireless Gaming earbuds



More and more people fall in love with various kinds of online games. And the searching for gaming earphones just goes up like crazy these days. And this kind of earphone is also an ideal gift choice for friends.




The earbuds are designed to be easy-wearing and lightweight, gamers won't feel uncomfortable after a long-time wearing them. With a smart LED digital screen, you can check battery consumption anytime.


Similar kinds of earbuds have been performing well the past few months, the total sales volume is surprisingly still on the rise.



This kind of smart product could have a profitable markup for sellers, especially when you find a supplier with a more reasonable price. So far one pair of wireless gaming earbuds only cost $6.6 on CJ, you can choose fast shipping at $5.32, and the total dropshipping price is $11.92.



#10 Outdoor First Aid Kit



 These days people's demand and awareness of first aid kits go on rising. More and more people take it very seriously to have a first aid kit in their homes.



This kind of portable first aid kit is very friendly to travelers, since it is easy to carry, small, and lightweight. Just enough to hold emergency necessities for personal use. It doesn't take up too much space at home, in the car, or in your bag, to make people have a more sense of security when taking it with them.


The sales volume on AliExpress recently keeps up on a higher level, dropshippers can give this first aid kit a try.



Now the product on CJ costs only $1.5 per item, private inventory price will be much lower. 





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