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Best 5 Winning Niches to Sell 2022 | Low Competition Dropshipping Niches Recommendation

Best 5 Winning Niches to Sell 2022 | Low Competition Dropshipping Niches Recommendation
CJJan. 06, 2022 10:31:571549

2022 has just begun, and it’s time to take a look at which niches are expected to boom in this year, for dropshippers to go for and earn more profit.

Here are 5 hot niches with huge potential in 2022 as well as winning products as examples.



Home Office Equipment


So the first niche that dropshippers definitely want to pay attention to is the home office equipment.


It has been the third year since the first outbreak of Covid-19. Can you imagine that? The effect left by the pandemic is profound. Or you can say it completely changed people’s lifestyle.


And that is the overarching thing we are going to consider. Consumers’ opinions changed, their behaviors changed and all that will keep on impacting the market in 2022. The pandemic is fading into the background, people seem that have adapted to those and enjoy their lives under “New Normal”.



The first aspect of people’s daily lives that changed significantly is work. According to the recent data from Salesforce, 37% of respondents would like to continue working from home full-time, and only 10% say that they want to go back to office space once vaccinated.


Let’s take a look at the searching ranks on home office equipment and you can see almost all the related keywords just go up and up like crazy, which means this niche is in high demand and goes on increasing, both on Amazon and Google.




Winning Product Idea 1. Laptop Phone Holder



Compared to the typical home office products such as home office desks, chairs, or lamps with relatively high cost, if you are newer or want to test some items with smaller size and less cost, there are still many other choices such as assistance gadgets like this laptop phone holder. It is small but very practical.


When people are working at home, they can fix their cellphones and laptop with this holder and use them together, no matter when they are having online meetings or just checking reports.


The total dropshipping price is quite lower so that dropshippers can add enough markup to sell it at like, $19.9 or $24.9



Winning Product Idea 2. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad



With that being said, here is another example called wireless charging mouse pad. It got a 2-in1 function as a wireless cellphone charger and also a mouse pad.


It is a trending product in great demand and you can see from the search result from Amazon, as a proven good helper for people who are working from home.


Wedding & Baby Care

So the next potential niche I’m going to talk about is wedding & baby care. And actually, these actually are two niches- wedding and baby care, but I would like to put them together in today’s video.


Because the trends of these two topics just overlapped in some ways. Firstly, thanks to the covid, countless lovers have no other choice but to postpone their weddings to 2022.


2022 is set to be special – there are over 2.6 million weddings awaiting in the US-which beaks the record for over 40 years.


After the wedding, baby care is the next that is going to show itself as a big potential niche in 2022. Why do I say that? Let’s take a look at one of 5 major predictions for 2022 from CNBC-the baby boom.



The pandemic did bring families back in focus. And after going through the darkest days during lockdown, hopefully, the birth rate will see back to increase. 


Just like what has been mentioned in the news, you can find that almost everything related to baby just keeps rising. 



Same time when we go check the trends over the recent 5 years, we can find all these times people’s interests have been staying at a very high level.


After a decline which was mainly impacted by covid, the trend is going to spike up again in the future.


Winning Product Idea 3. 



Except for wedding dresses, there are still many other sub-catalogs for dropshippers to choose from, like wedding decors.


Just like this light-up love-shaped led decor. Such led light can be used almost everywhere during a wedding. Similar led decors for wedding also sells well AliExpress that you can see from the order volume.


Winning Product Idea 4. Hooded Baby Sleeping Bag


The next hot-selling product is this sleeping bag for babies. This is an evergreen baby product that constantly makes sales almost every day. The new version is designed with a hood to protect the baby’s head from cold outside.


Parents will definitely love to prepare this for their babies in their home or when taking babies outside, especially in cold winter.




Talking about eco-sustainable products which is a huge niche and is supposed to be huger in 2022 and will last for at least decades. 


Since sustainability is such a serious and significant topic that relates to how human beings live better on the earth. 


Every day on the news, we can see reports about how the government takes actions towards reduction of emissions and dependence on fossil energy sources, or something like that.


Thanks to the pandemic, consumers are more and more aware of how we can protect the environment better, and that also affects their shopping preferences.




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Winning Product Idea 5. Cork Yoga Mat



The first product falls under the eco-sustainable niche I would like to pick this Yoga mat that is made of cork. 


I love this combination, that yoga mats have always been one of the popular self-care products with great demand, meanwhile, unlike its synthetic counterparts, cork is an inherently sustainable resource, both renewable and biodegradable.



So this product just combines two trending concepts and got the potential to keep on receiving more and more attention from consumers.


Winning Product Idea 5. Customizable Eco-friendly Mailing Bag



The next is a customized packaging idea for dropshippers reference, which is an eco-friendly mailing bag made by Compostable PLA and supports customization on CJ.


Every day we got tons of parcels shipping out in the world, the abandoned packagings have already become one serious pollution issue.


So to protect the environment as well as to build a reliable and caring brand image, more and more sellers choose to pack their products using compostable and biodegradable materials.


If you are dropshippers who are building your own brand and products, this kind of packaging bag can also help you to win customers’ hearts.




The next hot niche for 2022 we are going to talk about is the pet. Of course, all these years pet products never let us down, you can see the trend throughout recent 5 years. Keeping pets is one of the most important ways for people to get comfort, happiness and accompany along with human’s development history.


People need pets, and this trend will keep on increasing. People nowadays are feeling exhausted facing so many uncertainties day by day, so consumers just turn to seek uplifting and pleasing things and experiences, such as keeping a lovely pet.


And wait I know some of you are wondering if the pet niche just got too saturated, or the competition is way too high. Here’s the thing, picking niches is the most fundamental step when you are ready to run your own drpopshipping business.



Niches are general, cause people’s demands are always regular patterns mostly from a macro perspective. After picking a general niche, what we need to do next is to narrow down, pick a specific market group and invest your resources.


So that to lower the competition and make your products stand out.


Winning Product Idea 7. Biting Toy for Dogs



This is a hot seller on the CJ marketplace, if you are selling pet supplies, then you will check this. With a fixed base, this biting toy can help to keep dogs entertained to burn off their excess energy.


Pet owners do not need to worry about the room getting messy either when their dogs are playing with this biting ball.


Winning Product Idea 8. 2-in-1 Shower Brush for Pets



The next product idea for the pet niche is this 2-in-1 shower brush. It is designed in a brush shape to clean pet hair more effectively as well as save water and shower gel.


Washing your dogs at home is a big headache especially for pet owners who are raising big dogs, but cleaning is so important that as long as you raise pets, you need something to help you while bathing your pet.


You can see from the search ranking that such shower supplies for pets are in great demand.


Outdoor and Sports



As you can see the trend within recent 5 years on sports is rising again and every spike up the graph is just reaching closer and closer to the higher level, which means people’s interests and intention towards sports are on the rise constantly.


People are forced to stay at home for too long, in 2022, more and more people will decide to go outside to breathe in the fresh air like hiking, jogging, or cycling.


Winning Product Idea 9. Thicken Outdoor Cycling Gloves


These kinds of outdoor glovers have made a lot of sales on AliExpress along with many positive reviews. For outdoor activities especially cycling in winter, such thicken gloves are a must-have, which means that the demand is huge.


The add-on value on outdoor sports gloves can be much higher since it is made of thick, durable, and non-slip materials, at the same time it is designed to be waterproof and cell phone screen touchable. So these kinds of gloves are very practical.


The total dropshipping cost on CJ only costs $8.19 for each pair of gloves including shipping cost, so you can sell it at $29.99, $ 39.99, or so.


Winning Product Idea 10. Super Lightweight Non-slip Sneakers



So the last product idea is this Super Lightweight Non-slip Sneakers. Recently the ads on such outdoor sneakers just got almost 180k views on FB.



These kinds of sneakers are made of super lightweight materials and designed to be non-slip, shock-absorbing, and easy to wear and take off to meet the all needs of outdoor activities.


But the cost of such sneakers can be relatively low, so you are looking at a good profit margin.