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Top 10 Winning Products to Sell January 2022 | Proven Sellers & Drsophipping Tips

Top 10 Winning Products to Sell January 2022 | Proven Sellers & Drsophipping Tips
CJDec. 31, 2021 03:14:122854

If you are looking for what to sell in the brand-new Q1, this article will show you 10 winning products which have been proven on the marketplace for your reference to get more sales in January 2022.



Dog Raincoat with Hood



Talking about winning product recently, you want to check this dog raincoat which has already made over 1500 sales with a 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings on AliExpress.


Pet owners love this water-proof raincoat, with it they do not need to worry about their dogs getting wet or even sick when taking them outside for a walk on rainy or snowy days.


It even has a hood to cover as much surface as possible and keep your pets dry and clean from the rain. This raincoat has also covered a wide range of body sizes and colors, so no matter your dogs are small or big, they all can choose from the variants according to their needs.


Super Absorbent Pet Bathrobe



This bathrobe is made of soft, durable and super absorbent polyester to dry your pets off quickly after getting a shower.


It is a real problem-solver especially for owners who are raising big-size pets, also this product can be used in many different ways not only as a bathrobe, towel but a warm coat or pajamas for pets in winter.   


Dropshippers in the pet niche can also think about putting it with the pet raincoat in a bundle, or upsell, or other promoting ways to increase the average order value



* Tips for the coming  Chinese New Year 2022

If your suppliers are from China, then one thing that we all need to be aware of is that the Chinese new year holiday for 2022 is getting closer and closer.


When this blog is launched, you still got the chance to take action before the Chinese new year starts, like pre-order inventory, making backup plans when choosing shipping lines,  updating delivery policy in your store, etc.


The good news is that CJ also got two US warehouses and one Germany warehouse that work normally during the holiday, so dropshippers also can choose to purchase inventory from these overseas warehouses directly.


And if you are planning on exploring more winning products, do not forget to take the product size and weight into consideration, both of them could make a difference to stocking and shipping costs.


Portable Electric sneakers Brush



The effect of Covid-19 is still lingering, according to the research on the 2021 winter holiday online shopping, sales of cleaning products, laundry products just keeps rising.



This is a new potential product on CJ with an increasing demand according to the feedback from the marketplace. The searching volume on google goes up a lot recently as you can see the spike ups, same time, as well as the related searching on Amazon.



This electric brush is designed to be rechargeable and portable, with a powerful ultrasonic cleaning function, sneaker lovers will definitely love it. This electric sneaker brush is also waterproof and very convenient for people to take out during travels or business trips.


Mini Iron for Clothes



As one of the trending catalogs just mentioned, recently almost all the products related to laundry just go up like crazy on Amazon, you can see from the ranking of keyword searching. So laundry products are definitely worth a try in January for dropshippers.



Like this kind of mini iron with increasing listings on CJ. If you take a look at the trends throughout a year, you can find that the Interest overtime is always around 75 which means it is a popular topic receiving constant interest from people.



This iron is designed in small size and lightweight, and charge by USB, so it is very convenient for people to carry it with them everywhere, like to iron their suits when going out for a business trip.


Not only this mini iron, but you can also choose to discover more laundry supplies on the CJ marketplace for your online stores.


Pocket Muscle Massager



Expect cleaning and laundry products, the sales of self-care products such as massagers are also seen a rise at the same time.


Different from other massage guns which are too heavy to use, this mini version is much smaller, lighter, and less noise that can be carried and used everywhere, like in the office or home.




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Desktop Air Purifier



One more hot-selling product that falls under the same catalog is the desktop air purifier. Air purifier just goes so crazy these days on the marketplace, we have also recommended some other type of air purifier in another video, you can check it out here later.



This product can purify the air at home or office without taking too much space, people can put it on their desks, nightstands, or anywhere they want to improve the air quality. For dropshippers, now is definitely good timing to catch up to this trend before the market got too saturated.


16-in-1 Manicure Set


Nail care has always been a hot topic that people, especially ladies tend to show a lot of interest in. And this 16-in-1 Manicure Set has become a proven seller on CJ and other marketplaces.



You can see such a product just got almost two thousand ratings on Amazon, and we can see from the latest customer reviews that this product just got sales constantly and the feedbacks are all doing great.



Finger Fruit Peeler



The next product is called Finger Fruit Peeler which performs well on AliExpress and received many positive reviews from customers. It is designed ergonomically, and it is so small and lightweight that can be held and controlled in your palm to peel fruits, vegetables more easily and safely.



Kitchen supplies have always been a niche with huge market bases as we know, and among so many cooking gadgets, peelers are one of the most evergreen items that constantly get sales throughout the year.




Reusable Pump Dispenser



This reusable pump dispenser got a wide range of applications, such as oil bottles, sauce bottles, dish soap in the kitchen, or shampoo and conditioner bottles, etc, with a little handle, users can squeeze easily with one hand.


 More and more consumers nowadays tend to take concepts like “zero-waste”/ ”reusable” into consideration when they are shopping online and offline.


And we can see that from the trending catalog rankings, everything related to recycling, eco-friendly will be a great chance for dropshippers to put more attention when exploring new winning products.



A similar pump dispenser can be found with great sales volume on the marketplace, so we can know that such little household gadgets are in great demand. You are also recommended to sell in packs or in a bundle with other items together to increase your profit margin.


Sports Compression socks



Compression socks are also one of the proven sellers on CJ, and the sales volume always keeps up at a high level, which shows people’s increasing demand for such products.


Compression socks can help to improve blood circulation, so they have a relatively wide range of usage especially for sports and travel.




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