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Best 10 Super Profitable Dropshipping Products to Sell on Valentine 2022 | with Promote & Dropshipping Suggestions

Best 10 Super Profitable Dropshipping Products to Sell on Valentine 2022 | with Promote & Dropshipping Suggestions
CJDec. 17, 2021 11:22:432037

Haven't you started to plan on your Valentine's selling? Then do it now! Because it is the best timing to get all the preparation done ahead of time.

With happy couples all around the world spending millions of dollars to celebrate their love on Valentine's day, here we collected the best 10 winning products for Valentine’s selling 2022.




Minimalist 925 Sliver Rings



Delicate jewelry such as rings, necklaces are definitely one of the best gift choices that many people will prepare for their partners.


Like these Minimalist Stackable Rings. They are made of 925 silver in a minimalist style, with a hollowed-out heart shape and open-joint design, it can create a classic and fashionable look as well as represent people's love for each other, and that's exactly what lovers are looking for on Valentine's day.


The minimalist 925 silver rings from CJ only cost less than $1 for each piece, the shipping may set you back $3.98, so the total dropshipping price could be at only $4.65, which means you may get at least a $15 margin on each or $30 or even more.


You are also recommended to sell these stackable rings in sets to increase the average order value with attractive promoting ads to have more engagement on FB.


Silver Initial Necklace with Zircon Stone



It is designed to be delicate and meaningful. This necklace has become a proven seller on AliExpress these days. What is really impressive is, the rating is still as high as 4.8 out of 5 stars.



This initial necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and plated by gold, the colorful zircon stones around the initial letter are all inlaid by hand.


The zircon stone represents happiness, prosperity, chastity, and spiritual protection, so imagine putting your loved one's name inside the zircon circle and turning this necklace into your token of love on Valentine's day.


So all of this could actually become your promoting words or videos in your ads when you start to test this necklace.


No lover would like to receive a bad-quality, fake gift to represent their relationship, especially fine jewelry, which they want to wear for a long time.


Dropshippers can also find this silver necklace on CJ, with a product cost at $8.47 and shipping only sets you back $2.01, what else if you looking to purchase inventory in bulk, the average cost will be even lower. So you could sell it at about $39 to $59 or so with a pleasant profit margin.




Running ads on winning products beforehand is not the only key part if you want a successful Valentine campaign, making the supply chain work smoothly is also very important – you definitely don't want there's any delay or out-of-stock problems to happen even for once.


Why do I say that? Since not only Valentine is coming, so does the Chinese New Year. So pre-order for products is quite necessary.


historical data from Joc.com


Because first of all, almost all the factories in China slow down the production 10-15 days before Feb. 1st, 2022, and then all the production will stop for over one week. And so does shipping lines during the holidays, plus the global logistics market is not stable recently due to the Omicron mutant strain.



So what can we do is to make sure the inventory is all in your hands. If you do not have a cooperated fulfillment warehouse yet, you can pre-order from CJ and choose one of our warehouses to stock your products, we got 4 local warehouses in China as well as 2 in the US, and 1 in Germany to make sure orders can be processed and delivered to customers' hands timely.


Silver Triquetra Pentacle Necklace



With mystical elements, the necklace got a very unique design that contained the sun, the stars, and the moon. What makes this necklace special is you can see "I love you" written in 100 different languages through the center of the pendant.


So far it is hard to find exactly the same design as this necklace, so it can be totally unique, which will help you to stand out beyond others.


Now CJ offers 5-8 days free shipping within the US for this delicate necklace, with a high-end jewelry marketing strategy, the potential mark upon this necklace can be very promising.


Led Letter Lights



On Valentine's day what else will become popular is décors for special events. With these LED lights, people can decorate the room as they want, to create a romantic atmosphere for lovers, and there will be many people who choose to propose on that special day, so these decors can be the ideal helpers.


On AliExpress these LED Letter lights have already become hot sellers again, you can see from the sales volume, as well as hundreds of good reviews left by customers.


The product cost is relatively low, as you can see on CJ's product page, and the average cost on each item can still have a space to go down for purchasing in bulk.



Find More Winning Products for Valentine's Day on CJdropshipping


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LED Neon  Rainbow Light



The next product is also about room décor- the led neon rainbow light. Compared to the Led Letter lights, this kind of neon light can create a more colorful and fashionable mood for the surprise event.


The light has different shapes to choose from, like a rainbow, pineapple, flamingo, stars, etc. So people can have more options to choose from that contains different meanings.


The searching for related topics keeps going up all over the world again recently. And sellers can upsell this LED neon light with other decors together or sell in sets to increase the value per order.



Car Decoration Set



For lovers who are planning on romantic events outside the room, we can help them to come up with more décor ideas like this car decoration set for a surprise event. You will love to know that lots of people just are starting to search for such props.



What is included in one set are a love-shape lamp, proposal flag, ribbons, colorful balloons, mini neon lights, and so on.


Since that all the decorating steps will be done by customers, so how the final look is like to show how romantic the surprising event could be needed to be shown on ads perfectly to target more potential buyers.


Rose Teddy Bear



Along with setting for surprise events, people will need some lovely gifts for their partners too. And these lovely rose teddy bears just win back people's attention again.


The little bear is all decorated with over 250 dozens of artificial roses and got many different colors to choose from. With a transparent gift box and a big ribbon, it will definitely attract people's eyes and make the one who receives this become the center of attention in one second.


Sellers can choose to upsell these kinds of gift products with Valentine's décor together.


For these kinds of gifts, their appearance takes a bigger part than other features sometimes, they tend to attach more emotional factors so that with a product like this rose bear.


Maybe buyers only purchase for one time on a special day, the festive atmosphere will still help to bring more sales to sellers again with a good promoting video to be more approachable on social media.



Wooden Music Box with Eternal Dandelion



Our next product is a wooden Music Box with Eternal Dandelion, it is another amazing gift idea for couples. It is a new version of such items with few people are selling it so far which combines the music box and eternal flower together.


Music boxes are a good medium to store memories. Just put one of your favorite melodies inside, with a  Dandelion inside a crystal ball that represents love, hope, and happiness and can be preserved for decades.


 So when you promote this product, you can add all these good meanings together to show customers it is the right choice as Valentine's gift.


Perfume Bottle Humidifier



The next product is this perfume bottle Humidifier. Another perfect gift idea for a girlfriend or wife. This portable Humidifier is designed into a perfume alike glass bottle. With an increasing sales volume recently, sellers can grab the chance to test the product before it goes too popular.


It is designed in a vintage style so it can not only be an electronic ultrasonic humidifier but is also an elegant decoration on your nightstand.


With not so many competitors so far, sellers can set the price in your store more freely at the beginning, to leave more space for profit margin. So far on CJ, this Perfume Bottle Humidifier costs only $5.42 and the shipping will set you back about $15.59, which is lower than on AliExpress.





And there are still some special niches that have already been proven sellers every year on Valentine's day, which can be very profitable for dropshippers such as different kinds of home dress for lovers, and so on, you can find them all by clicking into the banner for Valentine's day on CJ's homepage.




Find More Winning Products for Valentine's Day on CJdropshipping


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