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TOP 10 Website to Find Reliable Wholesale Clothing Vendors

TOP 10 Website to Find Reliable Wholesale Clothing Vendors
CJDec. 14, 2021 10:30:212341

Over the years, the market has seen the wholesale clothing industry expand as more people have started showing interest in unique pieces of clothing.


Clothes are in great demand, as they always have been, but what's interesting is that this increase in the culture of fashion has allowed many retailers and other small businesses to grow their operations by resourcing clothes in bulk from across the world.


If you are in the clothing business and are looking for wholesale clothing with reasonable prices and quality, then the first thing you should ask yourself is where to look for a trustworthy wholesale supplier.


You cannot profit if you're buying from retailers and then reselling it at a higher price. You might end up raising costs for basic clothing items that may put the customer off, subsequently resulting in them never purchasing from you again.


This post covers the top websites where you can find wholesale suppliers that offer good quality clothes that you can source at relatively lower prices. In addition, the websites we have compiled for you offer good bulk deals that your business can benefit from.



Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

It's not news that China has one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers, but choosing the one that aligns perfectly with the type of clothing you sell is a crucial deciding moment for your business.


Here this blog will guide you through some of the most reliable websites that many companies wholesale from, including clothes. Here are some of the best wholesale clothing websites that you can find online.


1. Alibaba



Before sourcing products from suppliers, businesses must determine who their customers are and their market positioning. For example, if they cater to audiences more into basic attire and casual wear, then as a clothing business, you could opt to purchase from Alibaba.com.


It is one of the biggest online B2B selling platforms in the world, with thousands of clothing manufacturers on the website. There, you can buy products for as low as $10.


But users may face difficulties navigating through the website as most of the vendors do not know how to communicate in English. It mostly caters to domestic wholesale manufacturers producing clothes in bulk.


2. AliExpress



AliExpress, on the other hand, is geared more towards providing wholesale clothing to businesses worldwide. The Chinese vendors dealing with customers have a decent grasp of English and can communicate with people who want to wholesale clothes from their website.


Although AliExpress deals in retail, you can still purchase from them at wholesale prices, depending on what you're buying from them. In addition, the products offered on the website are of high quality and can compete with international brands easily.


So, if you have opened a new clothing store, you need to check out AliExpress, where suppliers also own warehouses across the world like for example, Germany, the USA, Russia, and most parts of Europe—which essentially means that they can ship to your store from these locations resulting in faster delivery and less waiting time at cheap shipping costs.


3. CJ



CJdropshipping is another top eCommerce Chinese website that allows businesses to get in touch with them and make wholesale clothing purchases.


CJ is more of a platform that lets you place your order in bulk, dropship, and pre-order inventory beforehand. All of this is done conveniently as CJ has about thirty warehouses across the world.


No matter which country you reside in or where your business is, you do not need to fret over delivery time and shipping costs. You will be provided with the products that you can source from the warehouses near your location.


4. Chinabrands



Chinabrands is a top worldwide dropshipping supplier based in China. They provide services to consumers in over 200 countries which is a huge reach compared to most other websites.


Not only that, the site has a large selection of clothes, swimsuits, purses, and shoes. There are over five hundred thousand items available, with new and up-to-the-minute trends being listed daily.


It is an excellent source for both low to high-end product lines at wholesale charges. When purchasing from a Chinese company, you may get a variety of things for as little as under 1 dollar with no compromise on quality. A high-end fashion brand may be purchased for as little as under forty dollars.



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5. Wholesale 7



Wholesale 7, as the name suggests, is another popular wholesale website for individuals and businesses looking to order clothes in bulk for their stores. Wholesale7 provides customers with an opportunity to negotiate and set a price for each piece in bulk.


Wholesale 7 provides clothing retailers with a wide selection of clothes, from essential wear to formal dresses—this site has it all. The site has wholesalers and retailers, but we are more focused on the wholesale part of the website.


They have a stock ready to be dispatched in all styles designs for women, men, teenagers, and children. To serve its customer better, they do not have a set limit on minimum orders so that retailers can place their orders without hesitation.


6. DHgate



Just like AliExpress, DHgate is also an eCommerce website that enables the sale of wholesale clothing. They are one of the biggest wholesales of clothing suppliers. They have been in business since 2004 and offer their vast customer base a massive collection of clothes to choose from.


Although reviews on the internet suggest that they ship fast and enable businesses to access cheap, low-cost products, they still have managed to amass average ratings on their website. They support businesses if you've just started.


The website offers a unique range of products allowing you to tap into the kind of style you want to stock. For example, you want to store bridal gowns or evening dresses; then this website is perfect for your business.


7. Shein



One more thing that clothing store owners can do is look into the fast-fashion market loved by many worldwide. Shein wholesale is one of the websites that recently gained popularity for providing people with trendy and tasteful clothes that they do not seem to get enough of.


Modern women love to have colors in their style, and Shein wholesale can help you provide your clientele with exactly what they are looking for.


No one wants a boring wardrobe, so if you do not want your customers to leave without making a meaningful purchase, you could order from Shein in bulk and resell the items to your clients.


Often people in other countries do not have access to Shein products, and to bridge that gap, many retailers allow them to pre-order items from the websites, which are then shipped to the respective countries where Shein does not ship.


8. Wish wholesale



Another popular website for wholesale clothing is Wish, where retailers often look up products they may want to stock in their stores. This online platform allows you to buy items directly from wholesalers.


It began its business in 2010, and since then, this wholesale online platform has established significant traction in the wholesale business. Wish Wholesale is well-known as one of the most excellent low-priced wholesale websites, proposing low-cost fashion clothes, among many other things.


One of the most popular questions people often ask concerning Wish is if the site is dependable, owing to its low-priced items. As luck would have it, the answer is: of course! Wish is an authentic well-founded business that sells items from innumerable approved wholesalers.


9. SaleHoo



On SaleHoo, there are over two million clothing items for sale at all times. The website includes a sophisticated search option that permits you to walk through new market trends and find best-seller items in a matter of seconds.


The current website of SaleHoo provides quick access to product categories and various amenities for clothing store owners, such as free guidelines to support them in their search for the right product.


This website makes it easy to discover a reliable wholesaler by sorting through a massive list of authorized suppliers, providing you with information about their company data, such as their latest goods and pricing on similar wholesale sites.


You can also compare what the site offers from other suppliers to ensure you receive the best deal available on the market that suits you the best. Due to these benefits, SaleHoo is one of the finest wholesale websites to start with if you want to open your online clothing store or already have one.


10. Wholesale 21



One of the online wholesaling websites gaining popularity in 2021 is wholesale 21, and as the name suggests, it is a hot selling online women's clothing store that offers a variety of clothes to its customers at a cheap rate.


If you own a clothing store, you may benefit from their product offerings as they keep up with hot market trends and have a reputation for meeting the requirements listed by a retailer.


Wholesale 21 also has abroad range of clothes for plus-size women, which is a plus for many people who often have trouble finding their sizes in regular clothing stores.


Final Takeaway!


When choosing a wholesaler online, you need to consider several factors that may determine how successful you are as a clothing store owner. Sourcing from the best websites with no delay in delivery is crucial as you may have customers waiting on you to get clothing articles back in stock.


Or maybe to appeal to a broader customer base, you might be thinking of expanding your product line, which is a great idea, but to make sure there is no compromise on quality, it is crucial to look into wholesaling cloth vendors and find the best one that matches your needs perfectly.


If you want reliable wholesale clothing vendors, then you must check out CJ; they not only provide you with good quality products but also allow you to procure goods from warehouses near your store location.



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