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Top 5 Trending Product Ideas Inspired by the Latest Hot Topics

Top 5 Trending Product Ideas Inspired by the Latest Hot Topics
CJJul. 05, 2022 10:29:382019

Dropshipping opportunities flow with even minimal changes in people's life and there are always chances for specific niches to go popular with certain conditions overnight.


For this article's purpose, we are going to share 5 product ideas that become trending inspired by current hot topics. Hoping the following examples could help you to shed a light on the latest trends in the dropshipping market.



1."I Dissent" Accessories


The overturn of Roe v. Wade has caused a shockwave in the US, leaving pro-abortion people in anger and the going on protests about abortion rights are being reported on top news almost every day recently.


Apparently, dropshipping market also felt this historical change, sales of accessories related to the “I dissent” symbol start to grow and this "I Dissent" collar necklace is the best example.



"I Dissent" collar necklace


The design of this necklace is inspired by the iconic collar worn by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the day when she disagreed with the court's ruling.



To know more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she is the second female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who played a significant role on the path of gender equality.


A video clip of her speech from 1993 has gone viral after the decision the revise abortion right came out.


And then the collar she wore was symbolized and made into a necklace and started to catch on.



So if you are in the jeweler niche, this kind of silver dissent collar necklace can be found on the CJ with a 5-8 days domestic free shipping.



RBG Enamel Pin



Aside from the collar necklace, the enamel pin combined with the “I dissent” symbol is going to be popular as well recently.


Wearing unique and stylish enamel pins on clothes, bags, and hats is a way to show one's attitude, especially among young people and there are many enamel pin lovers who are with great passion to collect pins that represent special moments and life attitudes, which is a great angel to market.



You can explore more “I dissent” accessories on the special release banner on CJ's home page.


2.“Girl Power” T-shirt


Triggered by the protests against abortion bans, the voice of feminism is being louder again with a more profound and long-term influence over time.


Different kinds of T-shirts printed with feminist quotes and images, therefore, going popular during this period of time. It's a quite straightforward way to show a stance as we see the trends from the market that people are currently searching for.



Patterns like the “my body my choice” slogan, and portraits of famous people with their quotes are the most preferred types of T-shirts.





3. Green Energy & Energy-efficient Products


Another topic that has been talked about thousands of times recently is the gas price.



The factors that caused the soaring rise of gas price is complicated and heavy, but how the gas price brought people trouble in daily life is obvious -  we have no choice but to pay more at the pump, spend less on other aspects of living, some people are losing their jobs, even though there is rebate policy coming out but still people feel insecure.


Stressed by this, people start to look for replacements,s and green energy-powered transportation is a rising niche.


People are thinking about giving up cars and choosing to commute by bike and electric bicycle is showing itself in terms of this new trend.



Since there are real benefits of ebike commuting, it enables people to ride faster by its electric support system to explore a larger range of traveling with less time and energy, less cost on charge and maintenance.


The search for bike parts and ebike is increasing, so you can make the most of these opportunities.



What's more, products related to green energy and energy saver are definitely a good way to go. Energy-efficient products like fuel saver, and power saver are also winning back people's interests when they are finding ways to tighten the daily cost under inflation.



4. Health Care Products


According to the market report, the global home healthcare market including devices and services is estimated to reach USD 500.5 billion by 2026.



Health care is exactly a recession-proof niche if you are looking for products considering the impact of inflation since people care about their bodies as well as mental health and there will always be requirements to solve specific health problems all year round which are not affected by inflation issue or any other external factors like that. To be more specific, health care for elderly people is expected to see increasing growth.


Anti-snoring Brace



Products like snoring aids devices can be good personal health care products example, there are so many young people as well as elderly people who suffered from snoring every night, so essentially it is an evergreen item to sell all year round.


Among different kinds of snoring aids, the iteration keeps going on all the way and the market will filter the winner and sellers can hence optimize it on sales.


And basically it is a simple and portable device with an ergonomic design, you can put it on easily before going to sleep and it helps to correct your breathing and prevent grinding your teeth.



You can find such snoring aids on CJ at only $ 2 dollars and the shipping cost is relatively cheaper so it is a perfect dropshipping item leaving you a good product margin.



5. Food-storage Products


Inflation does impact every aspect of our life not only on transportation but also on food and shelter.



The food and beverage industry is one of the most recession-proof industries. So you know it's time for related items like food-storage products to rise again since people don't eat out as much during recessions and they tend to save more and store more.




Silicone vacuum sealed bag


Taking this silicone vacuum sealed bag as an example, the bag itself is reusable and easy to organize. it comes in different shapes and big volumes that help preserve different kinds of food, even liquid like milk.



The product cost is lower means that there's less risk for you to start to test it.


If you are in a household niche you can create some bundles with this kind of food storage bag with super big volume for big families, or update the product design to market it as high-quality food storage for babies.



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