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What is eBay's new main image video feature? Shopify partnered with MailChimp | eCommerce Weekly News

What is eBay's new main image video feature? Shopify partnered with MailChimp | eCommerce Weekly News
CJNov. 03, 2021 09:27:47880

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 22.

This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.


1. Shopify partnered with MailChimp to help merchants grow their holiday sales

Shopify recently announced that it has partnered with MailChimp to provide a new way for merchants to drive more traffic through email marketing, driving demand and boosting holiday sales.


MailChimp is a free email delivery tool that allows registered users to send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 people for free.


When the two platforms work together, both existing and new Shopify and MailChimp users will be able to connect directly to their accounts, eliminating the need for third-party tools and manual data transfers. Sellers can also directly send emails through buyers' purchasing accounts for product marketing, which greatly improves the communication efficiency between sellers and buyers.


2. Tik Tok online shopping is becoming popular in the UK

According to a recent survey, 10% of UK consumers are or have used TikTok to make online purchases.


TikTok is being downloaded more than a million times a month in the UK, with more than 19.4 million monthly active users, and the largest group of users are 18-24-year-olds, who spend an average of nearly 85 minutes a day on TikTok. With the launch of the shopping cart feature, TikTok is gradually enabling users to shop.


It is suggested that sellers arrange stores according to TikTok's audience groups and popular categories on the platform so that the conversion rate and yield rate will be higher.




3. eBay's new main image video feature

eBay said it decided to introduce the main image video feature to provide a more engaging shopping experience and help sellers expand their market. By the middle of this year, the main image video feature was available on eBay's U.S. and U.K. sites. After a few months, eBay announced that it would open the main image video function in Germany, Australia, and Canada.


Videos are generally reviewed within 48 hours after they are uploaded, and no more than seven working days in case of special circumstances. After successful approval, buyers will be able to view the video on eBay, currently supported on eBay's mobile client and mobile browser.


4. Holiday shopping season: More than 20% of American consumers turn to e-commerce

With the holiday season fast approaching, more than a third of the American shoppers say they worry about online orders not arriving on time, according to a new survey by Coresight Research. Despite such concerns, 78.2 percent of shoppers expect to buy gifts online this holiday season.


According to the survey, nearly 20 percent of consumers plan to shift some or all of their spending from offline stores to online this holiday season, while 11.6 percent plan to move from e-commerce channels to brick-and-mortar stores.


5. Global e-commerce market Q3 sales up 13%

According to Salesforce's latest report, global e-commerce sales grew 13% in the third quarter from a year earlier and 2% from the previous quarter.


Although the sales figures increased, a comparison of the figures showed that part of the increase was due to a sharp increase in product prices, which rose by about 12%. In terms of overall orders, the number of orders declined, by about two percent.


Among them, furniture saw the biggest price increase, with an increase of about 32 percent. It was followed by electronics and toys, both up 21% from last year.



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