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ASD March 2018 Followup

ASD March 2018 Followup
2018-03-21 14:32:0230


Hope you are enjoying a break from all the walking in the ASD show!  This is Tina Wu from CJ Dropshipping.  It was nice to meet you at our ASD booth last week!  I want to take this opportunity to reintroduce our company! CJ Dropshipping Inc. is a one-stop-shop designed specifically for drop shippers. When your online store makes a sale and the order gets sent to us, we source and ship all items in one package to each of your customers without charging you extra sourcing feesprocessing fees, or storage fees! Register at app.cjdropshipping.com to:  - automatically post product sourcing request - list products onto your Shopify store - upload orders - calculate shipping costs - view order status - obtain tracking information - and submit customer order complains all on one platform! 

Reasons why we are a better choice Aliexpress:

  • 80% - 85% of our prices that we sourced have a competitive price since we deal directly with the manufacturers.
  • We consolidate your items in our customer's orders in ONE package which creates a much better experience for your customers since they won't be receiving 5 different packages with 5 different delivery dates and 5 different tracking numbers for ONE ORDER.
  • We do the quality control on your product each step of the way from its arrival in our warehouse to packing and dispatching.
  • We have a US Warehouse – Our US warehouse is available for drop shippers who would like to pre-order and put inventory in the US to shorten the processing and delivery time to 3-5 days!

If you want to peek into our office and warehouse to see how we operate, or if you are already registered and would like step-by-step tutorials on how to use the app, head over to our YouTube channel and check out our videos!
If you've already registered at app.cjdropshipping.com and have questions such as posting a sourcing request or any other questions, please contact me at tina@cjdropshipping.com and let me know your username so we can start working together. If you've asked me to contact you in ASD, I will follow up with you separately. Please don't hesitate to contact me at (909) 636 – 0222, hope to hear from you soon!