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Chinabrands Real Reviews|Why More and More People Move from Chinabrands to CJ

Chinabrands Real Reviews|Why More and More People Move from Chinabrands to CJ
CJJul. 15, 2019 09:40:16921

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead directly transfers end customer orders and shipment details to the supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the end customer. The vendors make their profit on the difference between the supplier and sale price paid by the supplier to the vendor.


With the emerging of E-commerce, dropshipping rises in response to the proper time and conditions. Chinabrands is one of the dropshipping platforms, providing tens of thousands of popular product lines, daily on-line new products and best-selling products. It is tailored to meet the needs of consumers and major market demands.


The later comers surpass the formers. Although being a global dropshipping platform established earlier than CJdropshipping, there are a great number of customers complaining of the awful experience provided by Chinabrands and an increasing number of people moving from Chinabrands to CJdropshipping, which can be seen from some real reviews on the Trustpilot.


Insufficient Product Stock


Product, undoubtedly, is the most significant thing in the process of dropshipping in terms of both the quality and the delivery. However, most complaints Chinabrands received are related to products. Sometimes they put wrong descriptions on the website, confusing dropshippers in their choice and causing customer loss and money loss, for which they never bear. In addition, despite the variety of products on their website, they have little stock, even for some bestsellers. They just can’t satisfy the demand for dropshippers.





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Slow Delivery Issues


Speaking of issues concerning delivery, customer complaints are not rare to hear. The case of a product delivered not quite matching with that in demand is not rare. After a long time of waiting, what is presented for the customers is only fault items shipped or even no items delivered. Many terrible issues are common when dropshippers are ordering from Chinabrands. They never declare the value on the waybill document properly, which led to shipment delays due to problems with customs.





Non-transparent Fee System

The fee system is neither open nor transparent. Sometimes dropshippers are forced to bear extra payment, like delivery, duties, and taxes without knowing themselves, which results in a total price the same as or even higher than other sites. Isn’t this a kind of cheating.


Delayed Customer Service

The customer service also leaves much too be desired. The website is so complicated with the order that it is a waste of time and energy. Whenever droppshippers ask for customer service, what they get is only auto-response. It seems that the manual service is such a display that you can hardly expect any response, not to mention prompt reply. Meanwhile, the tracking method is definitely unavailable, since it is all made up without confirmation. Worse still, they don’t follow their refund and replacement policy even when the package doesn't arrive or items show up broken. What’s most annoying is that they never stop pushing junk mails to dropshippers.



Considering all the disadvantages above, more and more people forsake darkness for light, choosing CJDropshipping rather than Chinabrands as partners. Next, let’s explore what on earth are the attractions of CJDropshipping.


Various Products Provided


With around hundreds of cooperated factories and 20,000 square meters warehouse, a large variety of products at a low price without the need of warehousing is provided, the price that normally lower than AliExpress and eBay vendors. Dropshippers can have a basic understanding of products in demand through the correct and standard product description online. We can source quality products for your dropshipping business, satisfying your diversified demands. It’s worth noting that we can even put your logo on the product and package with POD services provided. Instead of including all categories in our products, we narrow down the products provided by focusing on jewelry, accessories and other such products. In this way, we can source almost all such products customers need. What’s more, real-time hot selling products updating can be achieved which enables you to keep pace with fashion trends and increase product sales.


Fast Accurate Delivery


For the delivery, the fastest processing time is the same day. As far as now, we are the primary dropshipping partner of many of the top 100 Shopify and WooCommerce stores.


One-stop Service Provided


When you have a problem with orders, you won’t need to contact different vendors, CJDropshipping is the only after-sale party you’ll need to deal with. We will take care of everything. We will source for you with a lot of different price options and at a lower price than AliExpress or eBay.


Perfect Customer Service


CJDropshipping holds the principle that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, 7*24 online support is available in different languages, covering English, Spanish, Chinese and so on. Posting a sourcing request to CJ APP, the APP exclusive to CJDropshipping, one click can help you with products posting and order processing and you will get the quotation in 24 business hours. You can send or link to our support email or Skype and we will check it. You can also follow our Facebook for interaction. In any case, one-to-one communication is available for you to know anything about your products and order status. Moreover, your custom cards and pouches can be inserted into each of your parcels.


Want to start your business. Desire to be successful dropshippers. Hesitate to choose the right partner. Join CJDropshipping, and you won't regret it.




Start your business with CJdropshipping


All-in-one dropshipping solution provider: product supplies, global logistics, free sourcing, POD, video shooting, and other dropshipping-related services.