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CJ Has to Postpone Fulfilling Orders for Longer because of the Coronavirus

CJ Has to Postpone Fulfilling Orders for Longer because of the Coronavirus
CJFeb. 08, 2020 12:58:552259

  As China is now at a critical point to fight against the coronavirus, the government still restricts the migration of the population to ensure absolute control of the spread of the coronavirus.


Therefore, many enterprises including CJ are still unable to keep the operation on track on 10th, Feb.


CJ has to postpone fulfilling backorders around Feb.17th. Due to the limited number of returned workers, the order processing capacity will be less than 5k a day between Feb.17th to Feb.24th.



CJ expects that the coronavirus will be effectively controlled after Feb.24th so that CJ can start to process newly placed orders. However, due to the migration congestion of the population across the country at that time, CJ staff who can normally back to the office and warehouse are still limited, so the order processing capacity will be less than 15,000 per day.


It is expected that CJ can fully resume normal shipping capacity on Mar. 2nd.


CJ sourcing, customer service, disputes, and other teams will continue to work as usual.


The problem is still the processing ability. Please think factory has few people back to work, then the lead time will be a problem, and then even if they ship out from the factory, the local shipping company has few people working too, the domestic shipping time will be 1-2 days delay too!


Then the fulfillment center also has few people work too, the processing time will delay too.


And also the international shipping company has few people back to working too! Everywhere delay because of the workers cannot come to their position on time.


Government limits the people moving, but now it looks like getting better. People except Hubei province can move and will be back to their position maybe in 1-2 weeks!


Please adjust your FB ads according to the schedule of CJ, and inform your customers of the delay.


What's the update now?


As of 6:53 pm (GMT+8) on February 8, 2020, over 34,000 infected cases and 724 death tolls are confirmed in mainland China. Nearly 35,000 infected cases are confirmed globally.




Balancing the potential spread risk of the coronavirus and the huge effect of the business shutdown, many provinces publish the resumption guideline. The following is the enterprise resumption guide of Hangzhou city where two of CJ offices are located:


From February 10, the enterprises in the whole city will resume their work in an orderly manner according to the classification and division of time. All enterprises shall not return to work without the approval of the local government.


On the premise of meeting the coronavirus prevention and control conditions, the enterprise will resume work in batches:


1. Industrial enterprise


Enterprises in appliance with the following conditions can resume working from Feb.10th: enterprises in line with the "white list" (i.e. enterprises that are necessary for coronavirus prevention and control, for ensuring urban operation and enterprise production, for people's livelihood, for key project construction and other enterprises that are related to the vital national economy and people's livelihood), enterprises with local employees, enterprises with complete local upstream and downstream industrial chains and supply chains;


Enterprises in appliance with the following conditions can resume working from Feb.15th: enterprises whose employees mainly come from other non-epidemic areas, enterprises with related complete local industrial chain and supply chain;


Other industrial enterprises can resume working from Feb.20th.


2. Service enterprises


Hotels, catering enterprises that provide necessary production and living services for enterprises and residents (only providing takeaway service, no hall meal) and commercial circulation enterprises (including general logistics, e-commerce logistics, warehousing logistics, etc.) can resume working from Feb.10th;


Enterprises providing investment and financing, scientific and technological consultation and management for production can resume working from Feb.15th;


Real estate development enterprises, housing online sales, intermediary sales and other real estate service enterprises can resume working from Feb.20th; service enterprises that are likely to lead to large-scale population concentration will be suspended from the resumption of work, including operating long-distance passenger transport industry, wholesale market (excluding wholesale market of agricultural products), housekeeping industry, real estate development enterprise sales department, cinema, theater and other entertainment Music venues, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, scenic spots, travel agencies and other cultural tourism and business units. The specific time will be notified separately.


3. Construction enterprises


Key livelihood projects (including municipal key projects, rail transit projects, Asian Games projects, provincial and municipal key projects, etc.) and necessary supporting enterprises such as concrete production, muck transportation, etc can resume working from Feb.10;


Resettlement housing construction and other general livelihood projects can resume working from Feb.15th;


Other projects (including real estate and other construction projects) meeting with conditions can resume working from Feb.20th.


Through the Internet and other communication technology, enterprises that can carry out an online office, remote office and home office priority return to work.




I am a dropshipper, how can I judge the date of resumption of work?


There is a method you can guess the date when Chinese factories and companies may resume working --check the number of added confirmed cases and suspected cases. For example, in the following picture, the number of confirmed cases is still going up with 3448 cases increased on Feb.7th.


It is quite hard for most manufacturers to resume working as long as there is no downtrend of the added confirmed cases and suspected cases. You can check this coronavirus update in the link at the bottom.



CJ feels so sorry for the inconvenience to your business, and we’re trying hard to find ways to resume normal shipment with the least delay.


We can also ship few pieces of orders in hidden, but it is not a long term way to process big quantity orders. Doing this is doing things against the government.


You can read from the news all the Chinese people are staying at hometown which means very few people can escape from their hometown and taking a long way to train or car to the big city for working. The government does not allow too many people moving outside of the door, does not allow people come back from their hometown.


Let alone working together, since the place more crew, the more dangerous of infection it will be. CJ Fulfillment Center is a people crowed working place with hundreds of people. Our staff is limited to moving in the hometown, they can not come to their position unless the government says YES.


Even if we can get few people doing that in hidden, that means we are doing things against the government. If the government found we are doing that without permission, they will shut down our fulfillment center for 3 months, and also doing this meant regardless of the health safety of our staff. If one of our staff were infected, that means all the workers in CJ will have a risk of infection.


CJ also would like to fulfill the orders ASAP, stop working means losing money, but we have no choice. Health and safety is everything.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


CJ wishes everyone good health and away from disease.


Check the coronavirus update.

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