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Dropshipping With Your Own Online Store

Dropshipping With Your Own Online Store
CJ2017-07-28 16:50:2628

The alternative to selling through third-party sites like Amazon and eBay is establishing your own online store to sell products. This is the method that attracts most people interested in building a successful dropshipping business. 


The Pros of Selling on Your Own Store:


More Control – With your own online store you get to create a shopping environment that's conductive to selling your products and – most importantly – adding value to your customers. You can customize the look and layout, and create custom product pages optimized to best inform your customers about the products.


Easy Design – Building your own ecommerce store is easy, especially with platforms like Shopify. Simply choose a store design out of hundreds of options, make any customizations you want, add your products, hook up a payment gateway and you’re up and running. Depending on the type of online store you’re looking to create, you can be up and running in one day. 



Mobile Ready – Selling on eBay and Amazon via mobile can be a pain. If you choose to build your online store with well respected hosted ecommerce platform your site will likely be responsive, which means it will look great on an iPad or mobile phone. This is increasingly important these days, as nearly 30% of online purchases are made via a mobile device. 


Some online store platforms, like Shopify, let you manage your entire business from your mobile device. This is particularly attractive to dropshipping business owners who often like to run their business on-the-go, or even on the beach somewhere.


No Third-Party Fees – You won't have to pay 10% to 15% of every sale to eBay or Amazon, which will significantly improve your profit margins. All-in-all you’re going to make more money by setting your dropshipping business up with an online store.


Building a Real Business – You're able to build a long-term business with a distinctive feel, known expertise and repeat customers. Most importantly, you'll be building a business with equity. It's much easier to sell a business built around an independently owned website.


The Cons of Selling on Your Own Store:


Less Free Traffic – With your own site, you'll be responsible for generating traffic through marketing, SEO and paid advertising. There's more cost involved – either money or time invested – and you'll need to be willing to invest in a long-term campaign to promote your new store.


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