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Here’s Why Our Customers Think We Are the Best Dropshipping Supplier

Here’s Why Our Customers Think We Are the Best Dropshipping Supplier
2018-09-12 06:44:2419
CJ Dropshipping has made some bold claims and revolutionary proposals. At first glance, these may seem somewhat unrealistic, or even too good to be true. Fortunately for you, you are not the first person to take a closer look at our business model. Our company has been tried and tested several times, so we ask you not to take a leap of faith, but to listen to the honest and unbiased experiences of those who have come before you to help you make an informed decision. 

No-Risk Customers
Especially those coming from AliExpress, have found working with CJ Dropshipping refreshing, as there is no risk attached. Unlike AliExpress, which they have described as "hit or miss" , CJ Dropshipping is relied on by its customers to deliver quality goods every time. We do not link you to an array of faceless suppliers and leave you to guess which you are able to trust, but work with you directly to provide only the best products. 

Our Seamless App 
Our app has been found extremely helpful by our users, who have loved how easily-accessible and convenient it makes managing masses of orders at once. Instead of placing every order one-by-one, they have been able to simply login in at the end of the day, add items to their cart, and purchase with a click. The rest is taken care of by CJ Dropshipping! The app also saves them a tremendous amount of time as it is able to automatically sync orders and send them to CJ Dropshipping. Making payments is also a much smoother process, as they will not be constantly rejected as with AliExpress, causing their users much frustration and making it difficult for them to scale-up their businesses. 

Shipping & Storage 
Customers have enjoyed our swift and dependable shipping times. Having found suppliers like AliExpress vendors to be unreliable, customers have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly CJ Dropshipping is able to deliver “They can literally ship out your order in one day!” We are able to provide such efficient service by having warehouses located in the USA, a feature one user has stated "makes AliExpress look like a thing of the past! Pricing “No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order.” This has been described by customers as the number one reason to love working with CJ Dropshipping. We do not expect our users to pay for anything other than the shipping and packaging of products. Our rates have also been found by many users to almost always be superior to other suppliers like Oberlo and AliExpress. 

Customers appreciate the care CJ Dropshipping has taken to bring their businesses into the light by marketing their brands as effectively as possible. We offer our users customizable packaging, product branding, and promotional inserts. Our video shooting service, which offers studio-quality videos at a low price, has been found by customers to be, “perfect for high converting Facebook Ads”.

Take Our Word for It 
CJ Dropshipping is committed to providing you with reliable service you can trust. This is why we have included on our website a platform for users to provide testimonials retelling their honest experiences of working with us. Feel free to take a look at it any time so you can be as confident as possible in your choice to partner with us.