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How to List or Post CJ Products to Your Shopify Store?

How to List or Post CJ Products to Your Shopify Store?
CJAug. 07, 2018 13:14:11220065

Listing products to your store is the first step to start your business after connecting your Shopify store with CJ. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps of listing a product to your Shopify store.



General steps:

1. Find products on the CJ platform. You can browse our trending products or search by keyword.

2. Click "List" to import the product to your store;


There are two situations:

a. List It Now: import all variants to your store;

  • If there is no choice in the drop-down box, please click "Add New" to enter a new one.
  • We recommend you enter your store name in the "Vendor" section. 
  • Remember to select the shipping method and destination country for the estimated shipping cost


b. Edit Before Listing: import one or some variants to your store.


If you just want to list one or some variants as a product, please click "Edit Before Listing." 


3. Check the listed products in Connection/Listed and in your store. 


After the pop-up shows Listed Successfully, you can click "View it in store" to check it. Also, you can go to the Connection/Listed section to check it on the CJ platform. 



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