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How to Reduce the Effects of Chinese New Year to Your Dropshipping Business?

How to Reduce the Effects of Chinese New Year to Your Dropshipping Business?
CJDec. 26, 2019 10:33:562186

Chinese New Year, also called as Spring Festival, is an important holiday for Chinese to spend time with their families and friends, just like Christmas Day. It also means that nearly all workers will go back home to celebrate this special holiday. 


Chinses New Year 2020 will take place on Saturday, January 25 of 2020. From Jan 22nd to 29th, our warehouses will take 8-day off, so all the shipments in China will halt during that period. If you source from China, it's for sure that no fulfillment and no manufacturing will do. 


What effects will Chinese New Year bring? 


Firstly, from January 1st, many suppliers will stop manufacturing and accepting orders in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Therefore, orders before the date might be delayed, especially orders during the week of the Chinese New Year. 


Secondly, even if the suppliers have produced in advance for the following order, there will no more available shipping methods during that holiday. Thus excepting not fulfilling orders, they can't get touched as well. 


Thirdly, the freight companies will take a holiday. So the parcels will have a delay of tracking or getting a refund or resend.


Finally, our agent and customer service may not provide timely replies to your questions, including product, app, order issues. 


What will you deal with these issues? 


Facing these difficulties, the possible solution to it may be closing your stores for this week. Or you may release an announcement to your customers that you can't receive orders temporarily.


Even you have to pause your Facebook or Google ads. But there is no need doing that since it not only influence your business, even scare off your customers. 


What CJ can provide during the period? 


For CJDropshipping, one of our competitive advantages is we have abroad warehouses. Imagine when your counterparts have to suspend their business due to stock shortage during Chinese New Year, you have prestocked your winning products in our warehouse. What great convenience will that bring you!


What also should be noted is our staff in the US and Thai warehouses will still be on their duty.


That means if the product is already sitting comfortably in our US warehouse; the minute you place an order, we can process it the same day or the next day. And it gets delivered to your customers via USPS first class or priority mail in 2-5 days


So how to stock your products in our overseas warehouse?


At present, you have a possible way to use our foreign warehouse. 


You can pay for the products you want in advance to stock and we will purchase and ship for you in our US warehouse.


You will only have to pay us the shipping cost when you have an order to process.


The good news is the MOQ for one product drops down to 250 pcs from 500 pcs, or the total amount to $1500 from $3000 starting from now to the Chinese New Year.


What's most important is you don't have to pay any loading fees, warehouse fees, storage fees. We will ship your products with the fastest way to our abroad warehouse.


*Note: this inventory value is negotiable under different circumstances, please talk to your CJ agent directly.


The advantages of using private inventory in the US warehouse also includes:


1. Sufficient inventory for your hot-selling items even if the manufacturer is on vacation;

2. Packages to be delivered timely by USPS during CNY;

3. Avoid packages stuck at the Chinese custom during CNY;

4. Insurance/protection of the shipping from China to the US and also for the stock held at the warehouse!


On behalf of CJ dropshipping, we would like to express our gratitude to your long-lasting support and understanding. Hope your Dropshipping business goes well during Chinese New Year. Best wishes to you and your family!