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How to Source from Taobao and Find the Trending Products?

How to Source from Taobao and Find the Trending Products?
CJSep. 26, 2018 16:27:161709

Before starting the source from Taobao, you have to know this:

1. You can not purchase anything directly, because Taobao is only available the payment by RMB or Alipay. It can not be paid by credit card or PayPal.
2. You can not ask the vendor ship to international, they do not have any experience with international processing.
3. You can not ask them any questions in English, because 99% of the vendors there speak Mandarin.
4. You can only visit the Chinese source and ask an agent to purchase for you




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Heated Vests

By solving the above issue, you should work an agent like CJDropshipping to help you, and CJ has Google Chrome Extension whch workss like Oberlo to Aliexpress, our CJ Google Chrome Extension is working with Taobao, 1688, and Tmall, you can install the Extension Chrome APP
CJ Google Chrome Extension will help drop shippers to drop ship, source, and purchase directly from Taobao, Tmall, and 1688. You will be able to process everything with paying by PayPal or Credit Card. 


Select China Mainland Site: 
Taobao.com was focusing on Chinese Market only which is the biggest C2C platform. Now It is also playing a role in importing products from worldwide to China too. It has a different site category when the foreigner visits the site.  Many drop shippers are also planning to target the Chinese market, and I just advised NO. 
Please make sure the site you are visiting is https://www.taobao.com/   instead of   https://world.taobao.com/   
Switch Site Language from Chinese to English or Your Favorite Language 
Switch the language and keep it always translate to your favorite language


Create an account 
It will be better if you can create an account on Taobao.com. You can use your email or mobile number to create the account very easily. It will be much smoother if you have an account on Taobao.com.
What you need is to search for the products. You need to know What is Baby Tmall or Shop means. 
Baby actually is a nickname of products, when you search under this section that means you will search the products under Taobao. 
Tmall is like Taobao+ which hosted a lot of Chinese or International brand products with Copyright. Tmall is containing higher quality products and service than Taobao. 
The shop is like vendors, you will be able to find different vendors but supply the same products.
Let's check with Print on Demond products that is available on Taobao, You can either use directly English searching or by using Google Translate I recommend use Google Translate and then copy and paste Chinese. 
It contains many printable products beyond t-shirt, mug, shoes, pillow. It contains too many variety such as wallet, lighter, jewelry, craft etc. CJ will try to get as many variety as possible about POD from Taobao so our drop shippers will have more option for theirself or the final buyers. 


View by Category



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No matter you search by product keywords of view by category, you can filter the result by features 
Normally, it will be by Brand, Material etc. it depends on the category type.
Another important thing you need to know is you can also sort the hot selling products by orders like Aliexpress 
Taobao only show up the sales history in 30 days which is different from Aliexpress.


Anyway, never 100% trust Taobao sales history nor Aliexpress, event on Amazon. Also neither the inventory. Because these platforms give more traffic to products that looks like sales a lot and have full inventory. So many vendors will create fake data about the products so the platform will help him. But normally the product itself should have good sales, just the sales is not many as described. 
If you want to check the sales history, you have to click the translate button and click view the original page. That means the history will show up in Chinese language.


Another great feature: FIND SIMILAR or FIND the SAME
Taobao should have the largest number of products listing in the world. Just as Chinese people say, you can never fail sourcing it, unless you did not think of it. Click the two buttons above, you will have a list of the same or similar products to compare price of reviews anything. 
The products page almost the same as Aliexpress 
The most important point here  is about the customer COMMENT, you will check how people like this products


There are also product analysis tools for you to know what are most final buyer searching and which category is hot in Chinese, and the products link sales analysis. You will need create an account on this site. 
If you want get quality listing and attract your buyer by first impression, you should use Taobao  for source because price is good, but Copy Tmall products images to your store, no one will sue you for the images.




Start your business with CJdropshipping


All-in-one dropshipping solution provider: product supplies, global logistics, free sourcing, POD, video shooting, and other dropshipping-related services.