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How to use 1688.com or taobao.com for dropshipping sourcing?

How to use 1688.com or taobao.com for dropshipping sourcing?
CJMay. 15, 2018 14:58:321371

For user LV0 and LV1: 5 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV2: 10 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV3: 20 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV4: 50 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV5: unlimited sourcing requests available daily.

For VIP user: unlimited sourcing requests available daily. You can also purchase our paid plan for increasing the quantity of the sourcing requests.


Dropshipping from 1688.com is a smart way to reduce your cost. 1688.com is another version of alibaba.com, all of them are a wholesale platform in China, the difference is 1688.com is for local wholesale(China Only), the Alibaba.com is for international wholesale. Both of them will have minimum order quantity when purchase, and belong to Jack Ma(Alibaba Group Founder) Instead of 1688.com, Taobao.com and Tmall.com is another version of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish and they are also only available to the local market(China Only). Looks like it is very hard to work with 1688.com, definitely, it will not be easy. There are five difficult, language, payment, time difference, minimum order quantity or they do not know how to do drop shipping international.

  1. Language: Vendors on 1688.com and taobao.com they do not speak English since Chinese mother language is Mandarin. But you still have a way to talk with them by Translator.


  1. Payment: Vendors on 1688.com and taobao.com receiving payment by Alipay, they are CNY currency, and drop shippers are using Stripe, PayPal which are unavailable to Vendors there. They only accept CNY instead of US Dollar despite the US Dollar is an international currency.


  1. Time difference: Chinese working time is Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Shanghai China Time (GMT+8). But most of the drop shippers are sleeping in their country, it will be very hard to keep communicating with them when you are in sleeping time daily since sometimes you need your issue solved quickly. You can not bear to wait again and again.


  1. Minimum order quantity: There is minimum order quantity for each product even for variants when you placing an order on 1688.com. It just like on Alibaba.com. They do not do retail, and it would be hard too once you are going to test some Facebook Ads for the niches. You would not like to buy bulk, you just would like to drop ship and no inventory.


  1. They do not know how to drop ship internationally: Vendors on 1688.com to understand what is drop shipping, and know how to drop ship, but it is still only available to Local business( Domestic drop shipping). Drop shipping international will be more difficult than domestic, it required knowledge of the foreign trade, especially shipping method, and custom declare. There are tons of shipping method for choose, and each shipping method is different use: My CJ. There will be troubled if they do the processing and shipping for you.


Above issue are key ones excluded the quality, lead time, and whether they are real factory or not. Since they might be disappeared after received your payment. How to avoid those issue? You should have a partner or agent for you. Moreover, if they do drop shipping or fulfillment for you, and having US warehouse, that will be fantastic. Here is the recommendation list of company in China who can do those for you



  1. Any Products Drop Shipping from China with High Quality, Fast Shipping, Factory Price.: They are a professional team having 100+ people and one goal for drop shipping. Their main customers are Shopify, WordPress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy runners who are focusing on marketing and left other things like products sourcing, order processing, and shipping to them. They have around hundreds cooperated factories and 20,000 square meters warehouse. Factory direct supply goods, offering a full range of drop shipping business allows you to carry a large variety of products at a low price without the cost of warehousing them. They have their own FREE APP and hundred thousand of products that can be posted to your stores with just a few clicks. Post sourcing request to them then sell all products by not what you see. They have their own US warehouse and products here can be delivered just in 2-5 days to US customer. One to one communication, so you will know anything about your products and orders status. Moreover, your custom cards and pouches are also available to be inserted into each your parcels. The fastest processing time is the same day. As far as now, they are the primary drop shipping partner of many of the top 100 Shopify and WooCommerce stores.


  1. https://app.cjdropshipping.com: Source and drop ship for you, they have a powerful sourcing team. They can help you to source the products by what you want not what you had seen on their site. And works quick. Despite being an experienced drop shipping partner, they cannot guarantee to fulfill every item requested, due to the various drop shippers running SKU. Once accepted as a drop shipper, you can post product sourcing requests. This entitles you to request products to be drop shipped — even if they don’t have them yet. Their team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.


  1. Cutejewelry.cn: They can also be an agent for you, price sometimes cheaper than Aliexpress. And having US warehouse with faster shipping and very lower service fee: CJDropshipping Service Fee


All the above company are available with different language speaking ( English, Spanish Etc.) They accept Credit card, PayPal and Wire Transfer with US dollar currency. Their working time almost 7*24. And there will not be MOQ since they are drop shipping company, they have their own one to split the MOQ. They are professional in Drop shipping, so they are very experiencing with order processing and shipping. If you guys like the content I made, please share or like it.



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