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Multiple Business Models, Various Affiliate Merits

Multiple Business Models, Various Affiliate Merits
CJJun. 21, 2019 08:02:262533

Since the update of CJ Affiliate at the end of May, I figure you all have experienced its benefits to some degree. From what I have learned, the user interface design is more concise that enables a better interaction; the pauses are even shorter due to a smooth operation; various data analyses are added in the dashboard to help you understand your business clearly. However. all of these are just adds-on. The most important new feature is our three new business models to offer you either extremely simple setup or exclusive products with handsome profits.



There are four business models in total now. However, no matter which model you choose, you can always feel assured about the products, order processing, shipment and after-sale service – we will take care all of them and keep you focused on scaling up business only. Well, let us run through the differences of these models first.


1. Original Model

This one has the least limitations on your online store. You are free to design the main interface of your website, choose products to sell by categories and adjust your product price and commission rate. If you are interested, please check out this article for more details > https://cjdropshipping.com/2019/03/05/cj-affiliate-program-new-interface-for-being-dropshipping-suppliers/ Please note that if you are already affiliate member before, Original Model will be chosen by default in the new version.


2. CJdropshipping Default

Don’t want to set up anything for your affiliate site? More favor of making money in the easiest way? In this case, our default model would suit you best.No other operation is required than registration and adding your receiving account info. Your customers will directly buy products from CJ official website at our price via your shared link and 2% of their order value will be counted as your commission. That’s it. Super simple, right?


3. Private Products

With this model, you can select 40 pieces of your expected trending products from CJdropshipping. These selected products will be hidden on CJDropshipping from anybody else and only visible on your website. This allows you to be more competitive in the market since the products are exclusive for you. Therefore, you can set up the price by any commission rate. Besides, the interface feature is also available so that you can have your own logo, banner and domain for your website.


4. Single Product

The custom interface is also available in this model. If you are pretty confident with only one single product, the winning one, then coach your students or friends to sell it to get a generous amount of payouts. Awesome! Just set the entire website with only one private product and custom the profit rate as you like. You can post sourcing request on any products to us and complete the products importing with our powerful system. The product is never a bother to you anymore.

Another highlight of our affiliate program is the custom domain. It is available for Private Products, Single Product and Original Model. Therefore, you have to select a model first and then set up the domain. Please note that once the domain is set up or there are any registered customers related to your affiliate account, your business model will be unable to be changed. New affiliate accounts are required to switch the model. So take a closer look at the description of these four models above and make a choice carefully.

If you choose a model with domain feature available, the next thing you may care about is how to link your domain to our interface. So here it is!

In ‘Online Store’ > ‘General Settings’, click ‘Customize’ under Current Domain. Enter your domain with http:// or https:// and proceed to ‘Next’.

To verify your domain, follow the steps in our FAQ, copy and add the information to your DNS management, and provide the Pem/Key files if required.

After this, in ‘Online Store’ > ‘Detailed Setting’, set up your store name, terms of use and privacy policy so that your customers can understand and feel safe on your website.

Last but not least, you may wonder how much you will earn from this affiliate program. When choosing your business model, you will see a part named ‘Commission Rate’. This is actually determined by the product price. If your price is exactly the same as ours, then the rate is 2% of the value. If your price is higher than ours, then the price difference is your commission. Whatever the rate is, the commission can be withdrawn only when there are ten paid customers in your account. And you can enjoy the profit from a particular customer for a whole year starting from their first order.


That’s pretty much it. Please let me know if you still have any related questions by commenting below. Have fun!



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