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Payssion——A New Popular Payment Method Available on CJ Now

Payssion——A New Popular Payment Method Available on CJ Now
CJDec. 17, 2019 11:24:472523

Payssion is now available in CJ. Go to test our newest available payment method.


Why does CJ add Payssion as a payment gateway?


1. Payssion is a preferred gateway of payment in the Southeast Asian market and Europe, which is beneficial for suppliers and dropshippers there. Payssion supports native payment ways.

2. Provide more convenience to our customers. Customers in CJ come from different countries that have different payment habits. And Payssion can be one more choice other than those payment gateways.

3. Help supplier explore markets in other countries. We have heard about lots of stories that suppliers lose sales because of the lack of local payment gateways. Payssion is full of potential to help you with that.


CJDropshipping has always been devoted to providing the best dropshipping service for suppliers and dropshippers in the whole world.


And it’s not only about creating a platform where suppliers and sellers can sell and buy products but also about how to meet every small need of them, such as payment method, which is essential to a successful dropshipping business.


Firstly, let’s have a general view of the main payment gateways that CJ has.


  1. Paypal. It’s popular in the whole world and is widely used in Europe & America. It’s available in 190 countries and it covers 26 kinds of currency.
  2. Payoneer. It’s most popular in e-commerce. It has provided service for more than 210 countries.
  3. VISA. Almost all the commercial banks in the world are the members of VISA international organization. And VISA card is available in about 147 states and regions.
  4. Bank Transfer.




And five, six, seven etc. There are about 13 payment ways, large and small, that you can choose in CJ. But that’s not the end.


We now have invited a powerful partner to CJ and that is Payssion. As we all know, CJ has a new warehouse in Thailand. Along with that, Payssion is exactly the good news for suppliers and clients in the neighboring countries.


For the current period, Payssion is open to several countries in Southeast Asia and supports several payment ways. See the following chart:



For the Thailand market, we have four supported banks which are SCB, Krungsri, Krung Thai Bank, and UOB. In the near future, CJDropshipping will apply the availability of Payssion in more countries.


Now we have finished the payment method integration with Passion to make it easy for your business in the Southeastern market. What are you waiting for? Just go and start your business in the Southeastern market now!