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POD - Add Your Logo to Products and Packaging

POD - Add Your Logo to Products and Packaging
CJNov. 06, 2019 09:35:5311908

We know how imperative it is for brands to seek recognition from their customers and in order to fulfill that purpose, we provide you scalable, multifaceted and smart branding solutions of all your needs.


We had a custom package service, which provides a customer who wants to dispatch orders using their own packages containing a custom logo, online store, and other custom information.


We also had a POD service designed by merchants and by buyers. This kind of feature allows you and your customers to add special designs to our products in the Print on Demand area.


To perfect the requirement of personal products, the good news is that you can add your logo to the items on the CJdropshipping app.


Curious to learn more? Let’s dive into the related information about adding your logo to a product.


*Note: to make sure the product you chose is suitable for logo-printing, it's suggested to contact our online agent for further inquiry before placing orders.




In order to make the product beautiful and perfect, the materials should be suitable for the printing requirements. Almost all kinds of material CJ can print logo on it, followings are some examples:


1. Materials like flannel, non-woven fabric, packing boxes, plastic bags


LOGO size should be less than 20cm * 20cm;


The price is only $1 per one.



2. Materials like silicone, plastic, metal, wood, etc.


LOGO size should be larger than 20cm * 20cm;


The price is only $1 per one.






3. Materials that are hard and the product should be a cylinder.


360 degree rotation printable;


The price is only $1 per one.


(the examples above are UV printed)


You can also design your personalized product using our design tools - laser color printing and Laser Engraving. Most important is that no minimum order requirements ----you can order even one.


*Note: suitable materials for laser engraving are limited, it's suggested to contact our online agent for further inquiry before placing orders.





How does this reasonable price come? The following formula gives a very exposition of the price:


Customizing Price=Labor fee + ink fee+ engraving size+ wear and tear of the machine


However, you may wonder what if I just wanna place an order with a small volume. Don't worry, we can still meet your needs.


There are no minimum order requirements ---- you can order even one product. There is no minimum order quantity. Each order is important for us.


We can provide you with customized products not only for mass events which are characterized by the order of a bigger quantity of products but also for customers who would like to buy products in a small quantity.


The requirements for adding a logo to the product will be different from people to people. So the price will mostly depend on your needs.


Laser Color Printing and Laser Engraving


There are a variety of techniques to print your logo or advertising message on your items. Laser color printing is suitable for almost every material- flat fabric, paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.


The printed logo can be in vivid colors, complex patterns, and the finished logo comes with very high quality, we spent lots of money on the printing machine.


And if you want an engraved logo on wood or metal surface, you can choose laser engraving. It makes your products look more gorgeous, more exquisite.


And this is a perfect choice for a personalized product, customers can have their names or special patterns on the products, unique gift choice.


Here we recommend customers to provide HD original pixel, then we will show you the rendering before starting to print. Our business won't start until you are satisfied.


Whether you go with laser printing or laser engraving, you’re never going to leave with a dud!


Our team will make sure your items turn out amazing. We believe that a professional product with a logo will improve your branding and will give you an edge over your competitors.