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How to Open a POD Wallet Drop Shipping Store?

How to Open a POD Wallet Drop Shipping Store?
CJFeb. 15, 2019 07:20:302664

Many dropshippers with good vision has put their eyes on POD business in 2019, which is booming in these years, and I believe POD will be a trend of drop shipping business. For many drop shippers, a good niche decides half success. And in 2019 I emphasize POD wallet.


I’ll talk about POD wallet dropshipping from three aspects: what is POD, open your online store, find a good supplier.



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1. What is Print on Demand?


Print on Demand is to you sell your own custom designs on various different types of products, and your customers can custom by themselves in your store too. You can find print on demand T-shirts, mugs, books, and many other items. Although POD is very common in recent years, POD business never fades in the next decades of years, because ideas never stop.



Comparing with ordinary drop shipping business, POD has its unique merits:


  1. Low startup costs. Unlike traditional retailers, there’s no need to invest thousands of dollars into your idea before you even start selling. $100 is enough to begin. You’ll get your domain name, Shopify subscription (for the first few months) or even a nice WordPress theme with a few premium plugins.


  1. You don’t need to store anything and you still have a complete catalog of products.


  1. Quick to set up. The time of needing to hire a web designer is over. With all the available themes, guides, plugins and templates, you can have your store up and run in no time.


  1. No need for inventory space. Your supplier takes care of order fulfillment, while you can focus on selling.


  1. Easy to experiment with product designs. Whenever you’re up to something new, you only need to arrange it with your print partner and add it to your store.


  1. Access to international markets. Your store will be able to ship goods wherever your manufacturer can ship goods. And most manufacturers deliver internationally.


  1. Scale and test new products without financial risk. You can see which designs sell well and which don’t, so you can easily make adjustments on the go.


  1. Ability to customize and sell YOUR unique designs. If you’re a graphic designer, artist or someone who knows people that produce beautiful visual content, POD presents a chance to make money by creating your own unique brand.


  1. Products are hard to copy for competition. Unlike most dropshipping businesses, no one can have the same products as you do.


  1. By selling unique products, you are building your own brand, community and repeat customers… which is more beneficial in the long run.


2. Open your POD wallet store online.



In recent years, drop shippers exert their efforts to expand POD categories and create newer one to attract customers. Thus POD wallet comes into public consciousness. Wallet is a usual gift given by your intimate friends, couple, and family members which always represent special meanings. If you can custom wallet with your own idea like your memorable photos or soulful sentences, this gift will be a huge surprise. Even you just want keep this wallet yourself; a thing with your own mark is unique in the world. Everyone wants his is unique.


By the way, if you lose your wallet, you can soon find it back through your own mark. I believe thieves would like to make their living with the most common wallet instead of a unique one.


3. Find a good supplier


Have set your goals, chosen the most suitable niche, and opened your online store, what is the most important thing next to do? Find a good supplier! Drop shippers quite understand that a good supplier decides the other half success. What is a good drop shipping supplier? Three conditions are required: good quality control, reasonable product price, worldwide shipping methods. CJ is! And CJ has other strengths:


  1. CJ app can is integrated with Shopify, Woocommerce, and eBay. Just connect your store with CJ, all product info can be synced to your store, and order info can be synced to CJ, then the orders will be processed automatically. Tracking numbers can be synced too.


  1. No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order


  1. CJ APP is easy to use for hundred thousands products posting, order processing and free


  1. US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket


  1. Sourcing any products for your drop shipping business and free


  1. 7*24 online support with different language


  1. Professional products video and images supply


  1. Quality control and brand building for you


  1. Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors


  1. Same day processing if products stocked in the warehouse.


  1. Real-time hot selling products updating


This is a link guide you on how to work with CJ: https://cjdropshipping.com/2018/05/03/how-to-work-with-cjdropshipping/



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