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The Commission Rate of CJ Affiliate Program Double Increased for New Affiliate Account and Referrals in the Following 6 Months

The Commission Rate of CJ Affiliate Program Double Increased for New Affiliate Account and Referrals in the Following 6 Months
CJOct. 11, 2019 14:27:282002

CJ Affiliate Program is dedicated to helping those who are motivating people doing the dropshipping business. With plenty of affiliate partners joining us and the quick growth of our dropshipping business, we decide to double the commission rate from 1% to 2% for newly registered users in the Following 6 Months.


That means you can get 2% of the revenue of placed orders on CJDropshipping from your new referrals such as your students or friends now while you can only get 1% of the revenue before. By getting 2% of the commission, you need to create a new CJ affiliate account and get new referrals.




This opportunity works only for the CJDROPSHIPPING DEFAULT MODEL and ORIGINAL MODEL


The orders from users registered before will not be calculated in this new activity. You need to create a new affiliate account to get this new commission rate. The orders placed by your newly registered users based on your new affiliate account, you can get 2% of these orders revenue.


Why choose CJ Affiliate Program?


1. Custom site


We allow you to replace https://app.cjdropshipping.com to your own domain like https://yourdomain.com where you can have your own logo, banner, and products. You can add any products you like.


2. Easy starting


After you register an account of our affiliate program, you just need to complete some settings and then invite more people to register. We will take over everything else.


3. Quick growth


With CJDropshipping developing fastly, there are hundreds of new users registered each day for now. We have tens of thousands of orders per day and the number is keeping increasing.


4. No investment needed


We don't charge any fees to you if you want to join in our CJ affiliate program. The only thing you need to do is to let our platform known and teach those beginners how to do dropshipping business. Based on that, everyone is the winner.


5. Nice payout


We will pay you 2% of the revenue of the orders from whom newly registers on your domain website. Thus, please teach dropshipping beginners how to have a CJ account, how to work with us and how to sell more products.


There are four models for you to pick. The first one is the Default Model which is the most convenient one.


Secondly, you can pick up any products you like which will be hidden from other websites and stores. In this Private Product model, you can set up any price. The higher the revenue, the high your commission. The Single Product is the third model where you just sell one popular product on your website.


If you believe in your judge toward a product, you can just put a product on the website. Not satisfied with all the models above? Check out our fourth Original Model! This enjoys great popularity because users can custom their website but don't need to select the products.


Dropshipping is a huge market. According to Forrester Research, the size of online retail sales will be $370 billion by the end of 2017.


Moreover, 23 percent will come from dropshipping businesses, which translates to $85.1 billion. This sheer size alone is attractive to many entrepreneurs, including startups.

CJDropshipping is going to step into a new stage and we believe we can go further. Therefore, we do hope more people can join us to help people start their business without any investment.


Let's work together to achieve a greater dream now!