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Top 10 Apparel (clothing) Dropshipping Suppliers with US and European Size

Top 10 Apparel (clothing) Dropshipping Suppliers with US and European Size
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Many dropshippers have a niche in apparel.  When advertised correctly, it can bring a very healthy profit margin for dropshippers.  The biggest issue that dropshippers face when dealing with apparel is size and measurement.  Most Dropshippers work with Chinese suppliers like CJ Dropshipping or Aliexpress to fulfill their orders.  However, when working with Chinese suppliers in the apparel industry, most of the apparel in the existing inventory are in Asian sizes.  Chinese people are in general a lot more… oh how do I put it? Petite!  So an XL t-shirt in Asian sizes might only fit a scrawny teenager in the US that wears size S.

So what do most dropshipper do to accommodate this situation?  They will adjust the sizes for each order.  For example, they order two sizes up for tops and one size down bottoms.  But oh my god how tedious it is to keep track of the sizing difference for each and every single one of your dropshipping orders?

We've got a solution for your clothing size issue.  Below we gathered the top 10 apparel suppliers for the dropshipping industry.




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No. 1 – CJdropshipping.com

CJdropshipping.com was established in 2014 with a mission that dedicates itself to solve dropshipper's supply problems.  Due to the excellent services they provide, they've been growing and expanding their facilities from a 150 sq. ft. tiny office to a 36,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Yiwu China.  Cjdropshipping saw the apparel sizing issue first hand as a dropshipping supplier and send their sourcing team to vet out apparel factories in China that manufactures high quality apparel in US or European sizes.  They visited the factories on site, inspected the finished products, and eliminated factories that do not produce quality apparel on behalf of dropshippers.

To visit their US and European size apparels, please click the link here.

All the apparel on this site are manufactured in the US or European sizes.  No more adjusting to sizes when placing orders with Chinese suppliers!  Their app at app.cjdropshipping.com is FREE to use.  No additional sourcing fee or inspection fee if you use them as your dropshipping supplier.  Cjdropshipping's costs are already included in the product price which is clearly labeled on their site.

Most dropshippers will not think much about finding an apparel manufacturer who makes the US or European size apparel, but until they actually try and find a Chinese apparel manufacturer themselves will they know how difficult it is to find apparel manufacturers that are willing to work with dropshippers.

Most manufacturers that make US or European apparels are either making it for brand name companies such as Abercrombie Fitch, Polo, BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Maxmara, DKNY, Maxstudio, Armani, who are willing to purchase bulk orders or are willing to put down a huge deposit for the production.

What relief supplier like Cjdropshipping has found high quality apparel manufacturers for dropshippers around the world!

Products made by apparel manufacturers that make the US and European size and have met the US and European quality standards at your fingertips, right in front of your screen FREE.  You don't need to pay someone to go source these products for you or purchase a plane ticket to China.  Just visit https://cjdropshipping.com/ and check out their US size clothing section: https://cjdropshipping.com/list-detail.html?search=USA%20size&from=china

Plus, as the peak season approaches this October, fast delivery time will definitely win your dropshipping store a lot of five-star ratings and customer referrals.  CJ Dropshipping has many shipping alternatives that are cheaper and faster than ePacket in shipping your packages to your customers.  ePacket's prices have risen due to the US and China trade war and it is no longer the default choice if you want to ship things from China to the US cheaply and quickly.

FedEx Smart Post for example is a delivery method available at CJ Dropshipping that guarantees 15 days of delivery or they will refund the shipping cost!  In addition to the fast delivery time, CJ Dropshipping.com was able to pass on the discount they received from FedEx Smart Post to their dropshippers so the cost is the same as ePacket (or cheaper in some cases).  Talk to one of CJ's friendly agents to see how you can use the FedEx Smart Post today!




No. 2 – Aliexpress:

Aliexpress has been the default station for dropshippers to stop by for a whole variety of items.  They also supply clothing in US sizes for dropshippers.  Going to Aliexpress and trying to find the few vendors that can provide quality US-size apparel is like trying to find one specific dish in a 30-acre buffet.  Their website supplies countless varieties of apparel, so if you are looking for ideas, that’s a good place to go.

However, to place the actual dropshipping orders, you will still want to rely on Cjdropshipping since they are able to inspect and confirm the sizes on your behalf, and also communicate other issues such as existing inventory levels or product details with the factories.

A few reasons why CJ dropshipping ranks higher as a dropshipping supplier is:

1. CJ Dropshipping has cheaper prices than Aliexpress. Aliexpress always claims “Free Shipping” on their products, so if a product costs $2, and shipping costs $6, they advertise the product for $8 and free shipping.  This okay if you are just sending out one product, but when you are sending out two of the same products, based on the example above you will be paying $16, which is the cost of two products and twice the shipping.  CJ dropshipping separates the product cost and shipping cost so shipping depends on the destination country and the weight.  In the same example above, when you order two products, you might be paying $4 for product cost, and only $8 for shipping, the total cost through CJ is only $12 vs. $16 through Aliexpress.


2. CJ Dropshipping has a better (FREE) order management application. Imagined your customer placed an order on five different pairs of pants on your website. When you partner up with Aliexpress, you are possibly going to deal with five different vendors to fulfill that one order.  Your customer will receive five different packages, five different delivery dates, and five different tracking numbers.  This is not a good customer experience and it is also very troublesome trying to manage and track all these packages!


CJ Dropshipping provides a FREE application for all their users to track and manage dropshipping orders.  They consolidate all the products for your one order, and they keep track of the orders on their application with tracking numbers automatically populated to your Shopify account.  This application alone can free your VA up so you can have her do something that’s more profitable for your business.


3. CJ Dropshipping has much better shipping methods, especially for the 2018 peak season.

As far as the shipping method goes, ePacket is no longer the most economical shipping method for dropshippers to dropship orders from China to other parts of the world.  CJ Dropshipping has found much better shipping alternatives, especially for their customers.  Their registered users have access to all these shipping method’s prices and delivery times.

I've selected a few shipping methods to show the comparison in shipping cost and delivery times.  You can see that for ordinary merchandise of 400g to be shipped from the USA their shipping cost and delivery times are below:

Shipping Method Shipping Cost Delivery Time
E-Packet $6.22 7-20 days
FedEx – Smart Post $6.22 10-15 days (15 days guaranteed)
SF Express + $5.77 10-16 days
YanWen $6.58 3-20 days


Contact their sales agent through the chat box at app.cjdropshipping.com for more information.


No. 3 – Alibaba.com

Alibaba is the same as Aliexpress except that most vendors on Alibaba deal with bulk orders. Minimum order quantity is imposed on each order.

You will still have to search through and find a factory that manufactures US size apparel, but the good thing is when you find something in bulk, you can get it for a very cheap price.

The risk, on the other hand, is obvious –excess inventory.




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No. 4 – Juxin Garment Group Limited

Juxin Garment Group Limited is a clothing factory in Foshan (30 minutes from Guangzhou) China that manufactures quality apparel for boys and girls at reasonable prices and good quality. OEM, CMT and private label services provided.

Founded in 2004, their factory manufactures all kinds of kids’ jeans, pants, shorts, jackets, vests, etc.; girls' dresses, tops and blouses, skirts, shirts, tees, jackets, vests, coats, etc. Over 50 experienced employees in our factory are working to handle international orders. Moreover, a classic design team, an efficient sampling department, professional merchandisers, experienced workers, strict quality control, trimming and packing departments and close cooperative relationships with experienced washing factories are our advantages. Our jeans are produced with high-tech washes, including bleach, stones, enzyme, acid, snow, sands and softener washing.

Our factory emphasizes high quality standards with competitive prices as we insist on the use of a quality assurance process that includes measurable standards in the line and final inspections to meet the evolving requirements of our market. We fully comply with all the requirements of our clients, which is a decisive factor in our customer service approach.

Over 14 years of experience allows them to understand customers' expectations of superb quality, timely delivery and prerequisite. As a result, we successfully built an international sales network reaching the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East with products distributed worldwide.

They ensure that their employees are fully qualified to fulfill their assigned tasks, and are periodically trained for quality control to meet customers' highest expectations.


No. 5 – Jiangsu Hengli Group Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Hengli Group Company Limited is a large-sized yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and washing enterprise with total assets up to RMB 140,000,000.  As its subsidiary, Changzhou Lanlrng Yarn-dyed fabric mill is empowered to engage in import and export trade.

There are 3 main series of products they manufacture, including indigo denims (jeans), yarn-dyed fabrics, and yarn-dyed stretch fabrics.  At the moment, the annual capacity to produce fabrics 15,000,000 meters is exported to South-East Asia, South America, and European communities.

Hengli Group has a world-class rapier loom made in Belgium and Italy.  Sizing and dyeing machine made in Hong Kong.  Other advanced machinery, whose technology is ahead of that of other domestic competitors.

They were rated AAA class awarded by Jiangsu Far East International Appraisal & Consultation Co, Ltd.


No. 6 – Shangtex Holding (Group) Corporation

The textile industry used to be honored as the "Mother" industry of Shanghai. Furthermore, state-owned textile companies used to be a flag of Shanghai industries, which have made great contributions to the development of Shanghai.

Besides, Shangtex is ranked No. 220 in "China Fortune 500" of 2011, No.3 in "Top 100 Enterprises in China Textile and Garment Industry", No.54 in "Top 500 Import & Export Enterprises in China",No.1 in "the Exportation of China Textile and Garment Industry" and No. 9 in the companies supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government in the field of sales income.

The first core business is New functional Chemical Fiber and Material Products. Shangtex focuses on the development of new functional chemical fibers and material products with the features of high technology, differentiation and environmental friendliness.

The second core business is the Manufacture and Trade of Brand Textiles. Shangtex is one of t national's largest enterprises in textiles and garments exportation, with the export income accounted for 13% in Shanghai Custom and clients in more than a hundred countries and areas. Meanwhile, Shangtex boasts many famous garment brands and home textile brands, with above 8,500 domestic sales outlets.  Taking incubation and commercialization of Chinese original designer brand into consideration, Shangtex actively builds show platforms for the original local designers and highly promotes the construction of the popular apparel brand "EY" and high-end apparel brand "Prolivon". Furthermore, Shangtex has built various collaborations with many famous international brands, such as Disney, Adidas, Bagutta and Uniqlo.

The third core business is Fashion Industry. Shangtex has established strategic cooperation with famous design companies, media groups, international fashion operation companies, professional colleges and government departments and built many influential creative parks, such as M50 and Highstreet Loft.




No. 7 – Alanic Clothing (wholesaler)

Alanic Clothing with its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, USA has reached the world with its immaculate knowledge in fashion, sports and fitness clothing, and passion for enhancing the apparel industry at large! Putting twice their guts in every course of action they have doubled the glory and are standing invincible in the market today. Alanic Clothing is the leading giant today because they work as a team. And with access to dexterous professionals from designers to distributors, it is the preeminent manufacturing hub, not just in the US, but in globally competitive markets of Australia, Canada, and the UK as well. We make clothes from fashion to fitness, taking care of individualized preferences, allowing customization but never compromise on quality and comfort. Men, women, and kids, we design clothes for all. We are looking forward to sealing a business deal with any business merchant or individual bulk buyers in need of placing bulk orders with them.


No. 8 – Janwangdesign.com

Their clothing brand specialized in high-end fashion clothes design and manufacture the private label for clients, including knitting and woven.  They welcome clients to resale the brand to their local market.


No. 9 – Huafang Textile Co Ltd

As an A-share listed company in China, Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. is the leading brand and the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of the mélange yarn industry.

The company centers on the supply of medium-to-high-grade top dyed mélange yarns.  To meet customers' demand, it also provides new high-end raw-white yarn, dyed yarn, semi-worsted yarn, open-end spinning yarn, as well as added-value services such as fashion trend, certification of ingredients and products, and technical consultancy; we provide the customers with improved products and services from integrated innovation of colors, compositions, and processing technologies.


No. 10 – Luthai Textile

The production and business performance operating results of Luthai Textile always rank the very front in the textile industry in China and it has a high-quality long-staple cotton base of 12,000 hectares, with annual production amounts of yarn-dyed fabrics of 220 million meters, piece-dyed fabrics of 85 million meters and shirts of 30 million pieces and 80% of the products sold to more than 30 countries and regions such as America, Europe and Japan. The export market share of the company's high-quality yarn-dyed fabrics occupies 18% of the global market, so it is currently the largest high-quality yarn-dyed fabric manufacturer and international top-brand shirt supplier in the world.





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