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Top 10 Countries Use Cash On Delivery Service (COD)

Top 10 Countries Use Cash On Delivery Service (COD)
CJNov. 23, 2019 07:57:098501

In cashless society era, let's see Top 10 countries mostly use Cash on Delivery...


1. Thailand


Even most of Thai people begin to change to use cashless payment, but there are also so many that still use cash as the main payment for everyday life.


The products they buy online are handmade products, products from China, and IT products. The most popular online shopping websites are social media like Facebook and Instagram, and marketplace like Shopee and Lazada.


2. Mexico


Cash is a king in Mexico. Mexican people like to use cash. So, cash on delivery is used unsurprisingly.


The best selling products in Mexico is fashion accessories, video games equipment, and furniture. They explore products online in Mercado Libre, Amazon, and Liverpool.com


3. Indonesia


As being a neighbor of Thailand, their behavior of payment is quite the same. Cash is still number one. So, cash on delivery is also perfect for them.


They spend their money mostly on clothes and accessories, personal care, and cosmetics. The popular online applications are OLX Indonesia by Tokobagus, Lazada, and Tokopedia.


4. Germany


There are 50.71 million eCommerce users in Germany, with an additional 2.91 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. It's surprised that cash payment is still in a high demand in Germany. Germany holds Europe’s highest rate of invoice transactions— meaning customers only pay for goods once they decide what to keep after delivery.


That makes it easier to abort a purchase and return the product before any money changes hands. I reckon this is the main reason why COD service is still popular in Germany.
Top German selling products are books, shoes and women clothing. eBay and Idealo are most favoured shopping channel

5. Greece

According to the research of Greece Daily, Greece is the highest cash use country in the Europe, about 57% of population use cash only.


Rather than shopping in cash, Greek would like to use cash to pay monthly debts, as water bills , rent or even taxes.

Greek consume a lot on Clothing, digital devices and toys; and skroutz.gr, bestprice.g and xe.gr are most preferred online shopping websites. 




6. Hungary


In Intrum 2019 annual report, over 50% of Hungarian use cash every day, which is 15% over the average rate of those in  Europe.


Only 20% of people are holding a credit card. It’s not difficult to see cash on delivery is still on the trend in Hungry. Ebay, Alibaba and Amazon are three main platforms for online shopping, daily necessities, digital products are always in a great demand.


7. Russia


E-commerce in Russia is in a dramatically growth rate. Ecommerce Foundation reports that 47% of Russian choose shopping online.


Even though every Russian is holding more than one bank card, they never consider to give up cash. It shows that 35% of online shoppers prefer cash on delivery service.


Top 3 online shopping niches are cosmetics, electronic appliances and accessories. Top 3 online shopping platforms are Aliexpress, Orzon an d Eldorado.


8. Spain


There are currently 24.77 million eCommerce users in Spain. They spend $776.66 online annually. In 2022, an expected 30.50 million Spanish online shoppers will spend approximately $894.07. In fact, 87% Spanish keep the habit of using cash ( European Central Bank).


This figure is even higher according to another investigation agency Sounding Channel, about 91%.  MiBolsillo Eduardo Cobas, CEO of Aproser, has explained that Spanish think cash payment is more secure to use and it helps control the daily spending as well. In terms of popular online shopping, Amzaon, EI Corte Ingles and Carrefour must be in the list.


Clothes, shoes and daily necessities are main online shopping targets in Spain. 


9. Turkey


Currently eCommerce users in Turkey reaches 31.39 million, with an additional 6.72 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021.


Both cash and card are accepted by online consumers. Most favourable online shopping websites in Turkey are Hepsibusada, N11, and Breshka. Shoes, clothing, and electronic devices rank on the top of hot-selling categories. 



10. United Arab Emirates

As SAMA( 9th, Sep, 2019) has announced that UAE government launches attractive policies to encourage people use online payment, while still 73% of consumers choose to use cash instead .


People would like to buy health supplements, cosmetics and fragrances from Souq, Awok, and Jollychic.