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Photography Service


Photography and Videos Shooting Service Online Now

Photography and Videos Shooting Service Online Now
CJDec. 12, 2019 01:14:042975

Do you want to take fancy product photography and videos for your store product marketing?


As all dropshippers know that product photography and videos are one of the most important parts to grow your business.


So here comes good news!

An updated feature—Videos and Photography Shooting is finally online, which is committed to the service of shooting videos and pictures of products required by customers.



All you need to do is to click Chat on videos.cjdropshipping and tell CJ photographer all your requirements and needs.


That’s one-on-one demand consultation in the chatting room, which can let us understand the content of requirements much more easily and make the video or photography of your product more attractive. Finally, make your products attractive to your potential customers.


According to your needs, we will give you a reasonable price. And if you accept the quoted price, then the business begins. The price depends on the products that you want us to shoot. The bellowings could include :


Product Price= Product Cost+ Shooting Labor Cost + Optimizing Cost



Now, let’s have a close look at this Service.


If you have the photography shooting demand, you can refer to the following steps:


Step 1: Contact CJ photographer to talk about the product and price and we will make a reasonable quotation according to the product.


It helps us to understand your requirements comprehensively, and accelerate the shooting progress as your need.


Step 2: After payment, we will start shooting. The photography shooting process needs 3-7 business days. The video shooting process needs 5-10 business days.


Step 3: After the shooting process is completed, you will receive the photography or video we send by email or other ways. If there is any dispute, you can also chat with the photographer about the details.


Video and photography have the potential of convincing consumers to take the last step and buy your products.


If you don't feel satisfactory about the product image and videos, don't hesitate to contact our photographer.