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Add-on Service You May Need

Add-on Service You May Need
CJMay. 25, 2018 13:08:493854

For better service, CJ offers many Add-on services for you to boost your business.

Those services include:
We will make PDFs about winning products for our clients twice a month. By this, you may find the next hottest products. Most importantly, it is totally free to read and download.


2. Video&photo shooting.


Are you still stealing photos and videos from others? CJ can make special images and videos for you. Then, you can use it on your website and boost your business. Besides, we can specially design and produce videos & pictures for FB. Simply, you can start at post a photography request.

How to Use Video Shooting Service from CJ Dropshipping? 




The package is the first physical interaction customers will have with your brand. You customize the package with your brand logo, your slogan, your style, even the color scheme you designed for your online store. It will definitely impress your customers. Every word and picture you design for your packaging is sending a strong branding message to your customers. And it shows your sincerity. Besides, it can solve the white-label issue. Simply, use our customized packaging system: How to Use New Custom Package Feature? 


4. Print on Demand.  


It is called POD on CJ. POD business is an easy way to start a business with its own brand. You know, branding is an unskippable part to grow a high profit and long-term business. Usually, the typical products to print are T-shirts, jewelry, watches, and phone cases. But you can print any products you like. For business, the POD product can be designed by the merchant(yourself) or buyers(your customers).



Above are four major add-on services for you. If you want any other service, you can tell your agent or send a Ticket to CJ Support. Then, let's see how CJ can help!



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