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You might need to postpone campaign ASAP because of Chinese New Year

You might need to postpone campaign ASAP because of Chinese New Year
CJJan. 25, 2019 03:50:501936

With fireworks pop high in the sky, China welcomes a new year with good fortune. It’s important to be aware that the effects of Chinese New Year will be felt long before February 20.




1.It is imperative to know the effects of Chinese New Year on business.


Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. It is the most important festival and also the most celebrated festival in China. As China’s position in the world shifts, the festival now no longer influences only those who celebrate it, but has an ever larger effect internationally ——particularly for those doing business in, or with, China.



2.For people doing dropshipping with China.


The cities close down to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Inconvenience may caused in this major festival in China.


Similar bottlenecks can occur in the shipping or logistics industries, so it is important to ensure that shipments are booked and at port well in advance of the shipment date. Most Chinese port areas will be closed completely or will be operating in a limited capacity.





(1) Stores were almost closed on the street and factories were off work nationwide, manufacturing were stopped in that all of workers were went to home.


(2) By now, many of our suppliers are gradually stop their manufacturing, therefore, some of our products can’t be purchased.


(3) The domestic logistic companies will be closed within one week.


(4) Rarely packages can be delivered through international shipping methods on the condition that there are inventory in the factory.


(5) You might need to shut down your campaign ASAP before Chinese New Year.





(1) There is no doubt that you need to ensure you have enough stock to see you through the holiday period, as manufacturers close for days ——so don’t miss the date for last-orders.


(2) Factory will restore their manufacture during Feb.15 to Feb.20.


(3) Domestic logistics will be fully restored from Feb.10 to Feb.15.


(4) International logistics will be fully restored from Feb.10 to Feb.15.


(5) You’d better start your campaign from Feb.15. Latest by Feb.20.


If the company or factory told you that they can process your order then you should doubt it. Therefore, doing dropshipping with China during this special period, you may need to make preparation for it as well.




Dear CJ Customers, we will have a Chinese New Year Holiday. It is from Feb. 2nd - 10th Shanghai China Time (GMT+8). We will be unable to process the orders during the holiday except for US warehouse shipping.


At last, on behalf of CJ dropshipping, I would like to express our gratitude to your long-lasting support and understanding. Best wishes to you and your family. Happy 2019!



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