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Back to Work after Chinese New Year Holiday

Back to Work after Chinese New Year Holiday
CJFeb. 11, 2019 05:11:032390






How's it going, guys? I hope you all do well during those days.


All CJ staff has spent their happy holiday for the reunion with the family and friends and from today, they are gradually back to work. And I think there are some questions you are most concerned about after the CNY.



1. When CJ staff report on duty


Many agents and warehouse staff start working today, so don't worry to disturb your agent for help. But if you are still unable to contact your agent, it may because he is on the way or still scramble for tickets. You know, spring transportation is very very busy in China, and many times people cannot buy a ticket in time. Please wait with patience if your agents haven’t back to work. He is exerting all his energies to draw near you.


If there's something urgent to be processed, you can also post questions on the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/cjdropshipping/), there will be other agents working for you. Hustle and bustle, hundreds of thousands of people are on the course of transportation.


Anyway, the staff of the company (nearly 200) will all report to duty before Feb. 18.



2. When the products can be shipped out


Most factories will restore their manufacture from Feb.15 to Feb. 20, domestic logistics will be restored from Feb.10 to Feb. 15, and international logistics will be restored from Feb.10 to Feb.15, thus the order processing time, shipping days will be postponed in this half month. We’d appreciate your understanding.



3. The second US warehouse in New Jersey


Andy, the general manager of CJ has been to New Jersey for setting up a second warehouse there. If you want to meet Andy or want to know anything about the new warehouse, please contact him on Facebook (Andy Chou).


A new year, a new start. I wish we'll create a win-win situation.



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