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10 Evergreen Hot-selling Products for Dropshipping Starters in 2020

10 Evergreen Hot-selling Products for Dropshipping Starters in 2020
CJJan. 29, 2020 07:38:571921

We received a comment from a dropshipping starter, he wants to know "products that are perennially solid performers", which customers buy consistently throughout the year. We appreciate this idea, so we write this article to provide some products for your reference.


The 10 products recommended here are specially hand-picked for dropshipping starters, the total cost of each is under $20, easy to win quick deals. What more important, they are not just trendy products that you can sell for only a few weeks, consumers always love them and need them. Some sell great for a year or two, and the sales volume still keeps going. You may probably find what you would like to sell in this article, let's jump right into the point.


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1. Full Cover Phone Case



First comes this full cover phone case. This phone case is amazing because it's far more than a case that protects or decorates your phone. It's full body cover, you do not need to buy an extra screen film. Some phone cases may be very hard to install, but this case is impressive that it is super easy to assemble and automatic close with a magnetic shell.


What's surprising is the anti-peeping screen film that allows only the person holding the phone to see the screen. Never again will you have to cover your phone just to communicate in secret. It lets you see your screen but keeps other from looking over.


2. Folding Travel Pillow



The second product is an ever-green hot seller--he folding travel pillow. This product hit the shelf in 2017, but still a hot seller till today! People always need a neck pillow when going on long-distance travel. Normal neck pillow is always too cumbersome to carry on a trip, but this pillow is quite slim, no pad, folding, you can easily put it into a backpack or suitcase.


There are inventories in both the US and Thailand warehouse, now you can see how popular it is all over the world.


3. Multi-Functional Cutter



The third product is the Multi-Functional Cutter. You may be not unfamiliar with this kind of vegetable cutters, but it is probably the most useful one. There is a video shows how it works, very comfortable and safe to use. There is no chance to get your finger cut. Workable for most vegetables like tomato, cucumber, potato, carrot apart from slice and shred, which you can do with normal cutters. The thickness and pattern can be adjusted.


4. New Design Nubra



The next gadget is an always popular product-the new design nubra. Girls need nubra when we wear off-the-shoulder sweaters, halter top.


Off-the-shoulder tops are chic, so nubras are in great demand. This nubra is a new design, with steel wire inserted, it provides better support to the boobs. And there is removable straps to meet different requirements.


5. Garden Gloves



Next comes these garden gloves. With built-in claws for digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves is a one-step solution to your gardening tasks.


The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable plastic to protect your fingers and hands. No need to carry heavy inflexible tools, all you need is a pair of gloves, make gardening fun and easy.




6. Car Interior Atmosphere Light



The sixth product is specially selected for car drivers--car interior atmosphere light. The US is the largest auto country, automotive products always sell great. This atmosphere adds novelty to your car, usually only luxury cars are designed with atmosphere light. And it's easy to install, you can arrange it freely to the shape of your auto-interior. Super cool it is in night driving.


7. Customized Dog Collar



Next comes the customized dog collar. Dogs are our best friends, people will not think twice pay for their pets. Check the dog collar, the surface is made of environmentally friendly microfiber leather, which is softer and more comfortable than real leather. Adjustable collar buttonhole, suitable for dogs of various sizes.


And what's the most important selling point? There is a customized metal plate, you can have your dog's name and your contact number on it, you have more chance to get your pet back in case it is lost.


8. Custom Moon Lamp



There comes another customized product-custom moon lamp.  Photo, words, text, cartoon character, either of them can be customized.


Unique design with your photos, names and greetings. So this product is always positioned as a gift for lover, friend. It comes with a wooden base and a USB charger. And if you choose the luxury option, it even has a remote control with 16 color options.


9. Quick Toy Storage Basket


The next product is quick toy storage basket. It is a perfect addition to the living room, children's room, games room and more! A toy storage solution that actually looks great in your house.


The basket has a 52-inch gamepad attached to it that slides out to put the toy. Just pull the handle and put the toy back in the basket after playing. No mess room or tough cleaning up after kids playing anymore.


10. Magnetic Eyeliner Set



The last product is a trump card-the Magnetic eyeliner set. You can watch the video to see how it works first on the product page, or you will not know what a magic product it is.


First, draw an eye line with the eyeliner, wait seconds for the eye line dry up, and then the magic time, just put the fake lash on the dried eye line, it will be attached to your eye line!


Because there is magnetic powder in the eyeliner, and micro magnet on the eyelash, when they come close, magic happens. No glue needed, extremely easy for green hand, and the eyelash is reusable.


What's more, you can have your logo on the case, because now we have customized logo service, even if you order only one, we can make it for you, as well as customized package. You can consult your service support for further detail.