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The Best Site to Find Winning Products - Ecomhunt Deep Review

The Best Site to Find Winning Products - Ecomhunt Deep Review
CJ2021-02-03 17:03:1624

As a product researcher working in CJdropshipping, I used to spend hours daily searching for trending products for CJ users. Yeah, product recommendation is one of our services, as you know picking products to sell counts a lot in one's dropshipping business. We have a team of dozens of people looking for winning products, that is a lot of work. We used to spend hours scrolling down on the page on several online marketplaces to find products that worth our users to list.


Later, we adopted product research tools/sites to assist our work, find our former articles about these tools/sites we use to find winning products. One of these tools/sites we use every day is the Ecomhunt, and this is the very first site we found to hunt for winning products.  



Why Ecomhunt is the best option for dropshippers to find winning products? I found Ecomhunt the following strengths over other sites/tools:


Ecomhunt is the original and first out to market the concept of winning products research

It is well acknowledged that Ecomhunt is the original and first out to market this entire concept of winning products research. Check their site, the very early product data was posted 3 years ago. Then many copycats showed up, some are still pirating winning product information. It's easy to tell who is the original: check the upload date of a product page, then you'll find a funning phenomenon, Ecomhunt updates a product in the morning, many copycats following in the afternoon, impressive reproduction speed.


Ecomhunt has a powerful database

Ecomhunt is highly integrated with Aliexpress, Facebook ads, and Shopify stores. It pulls and analyses data from these sites and uploads 2 most promising products every single day on the site. Now it has comprehensive data for more than 2500 dropshipping products on the site from 3 years ago till now.


Ecomhunt provides the most comprehensive information for each product

The reason I love Ecomhunt most is, it provides me the most comprehensive information for each product ever! The available information for a product contains profits, analytics from Aliexpress, engagement from Facebook ads, links to Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify store, and more. More information includes copy, images, and video of the product, the targeting, total stores selling this product, and even the category recommendation, everything you want to know about an exact product. I am quite impressed by the powerful comprehensive database.



Ecomhunt has tons of practical features

The main site is the Ecomhunt Classic, they provide more services like Ecomhunt Live, Ecomhunt Lucky, and Ecomhunt Tracker.


Ecomhunt LIVE lets you see the full 30 days engagement history on each product, and in what country the product trends the most. Their data is constantly being refreshed to always stay up to date.



Ecomhunt Tracker is a new feature designed by the Ecomhunt team to help you track the performance of any product on Aliexpress and its sales. And soon they'll also have a Facebook ads tracker and Shopify store tracker.



They also provide resources like Ecomhunt Masterclass to mentor your business, where you can get 1 on 1 free chat consulting if you are a paid member.


You can enjoy many free Ecomhunt E-Books that teach everything you need from marketing, dropship, stores, etc...




Great ideas shared through different channels

You can find like-minded people in the largest community on Facebook (80k members), where people share killer products and success stories every day.



And they have over 100 free YouTube videos and over 100 practical content on their blog as well.






Membership and Pricing of Ecomhunt

There are two membership plans at Ecomhunt - free and pro members.


For free, store owners can take advantage of two products daily, limited data, five saved products, and three days delay of the update.


For pro, store owners can take advantage of unlimited products, unlimited savings, full access to data, and no delay.


The subscription price of Ecomhunt is currently $20 per month, and $17 per month if you decide to pay yearly.




Ecomhunt does offer you a trial. If you don't want these limitations for free members, then I suggest upgrading to their pro membership, which I think is really worth the money. Anyway, it's still great for you to try this powerful product research tool without paying any money and decide by yourself.


Final words

After using Ecomhunt for more than one year, I do consider Ecomhuntis a perfect product research tool for any dropshipping business. It provides an excellent return on investment(ROI) through marketing and targeting. The fast-selling products, links of suppliers, stores, Facebook ads, and more are easily accessible. All in all, a dropshipper with any scale of business could earn more profit from sales by using Ecomhunt.




Who is Mordechai Arba


Mordechai Arba is the founder and CEO of Ecomhunt. As one of the very first dropshippers in the industry been here since 2014, Mordechai did several 6-7 figures stores and got the 2CC award from Clickfunnels for making 7-figure with a single Ecom Dropship funnel. Being the creator of Ecomhunt, he builds only what benefits dropshippers to make their journey as easier as possible.