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Best 9 Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Store Now

Best 9 Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Store Now
CJAug. 26, 2021 09:19:472660

Installing good applications for your Shopify store can help to not only increase sales but also improve different aspects of your business including customer engagement, site optimization, logistics, and other business needs.


There are thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store, which means you have many options to choose but it’s also very energy-consuming to try them all to find which apps suit your business most.


Considering the crucial parts in the eCommerce business, the following 8 Shopify applications are highlighted among a lot of options for their practical use and good performance for your reference.


Don’t feel discouraged if you are not Shopify users, since these recommendations can still bring you inspirations from perspectives like store building, online business logic, etc. After all, eCommerce is eCommerce.





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1. Rewind



Why do you need Rewind:


Rewind is a top-rated backup app in the Shopify App Store. It can keep your data safe. Whether you are editing code yourself or you hired a freelancer to work on your store, you will want the ability to undo a mistake instead of losing hours of work.


Shopify backs up all of its data, but users can’t access it. This is why it’s crucial to have a backup app in case you make a mistake on your website.


Rewind has a 7-day free trial and plans to select for users. It will backup your store every day and send you a weekly summary email.


2. Lucky Orange



Why do you need Lucky Orange:


With Lucky Orange, you can see your Shopify store through the eyes of people on your website. Watch their every click, move and scroll in real-time or watch recordings of all visits later.


Whether it’s through session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, or form analytics, you can find out why people are or are not converting. This app can help you to analyze and improve your store like a pro.


3. Photo Resize



Why do you need Photo Resize:


Photo Resize is developed by Pixc, it can automatically resize all your product photos in the same size which can make your store look more professional and also make the image loading time shorter.


Pixc also has three other apps, and they all can turn your amateur product photos into high-quality, professional-looking ones.


They have a free plan, so you can have a try with the first 50 images at no cost.



4. Prisync



Why do you need Prisync:


With Prisync’s dynamic pricing engine, you can set the price in a more flexible way. It allows you to track, monitor market prices, stock availability data, and dynamically adjust your store prices automatically according to certain rules that you can set.


You can automatically match or beat anyone’s prices and take every chance to improve profitability using price matching or dynamic pricing rules designed for maximum competitiveness and profitability.



5. Zendesk



Why do you need Zendesk:


The Shopify app for Zendesk Supports unites all your business and customer data by displaying critical Shopify information to your agents while they serve customers without leaving Zendesk.


Easily navigate to additional data in Shopify by clicking the Order ID.


Zendesk enables customer interactions across messaging, phone, chat, email, social media, and other channels to all come together in one place.


6. Gorgias



Why do you need Gorgias:


Gorgias is the hottest customer support helpdesk for Shopify merchants. It allows store owners to centralize all their support tickets from social media, email, or even live chat.


With its deep Shopify integration, agents are able to perform key actions like checking order status or refunding orders without leaving their helpdesk.‍


7. Loox



Why do you need Loox:


With Loox, you can create automatic emails asking customers for reviews and offer a discount once they review. It collects social proof that people trust with photo reviews.


When people see photos from happy customers, they will be more likely to buy from your store.


Loox allows you to import product reviews from any source, send automatic email review requests, customize your email timing, and create customer review pages.


If you just started running your store and don’t have many customers, you can also reach out to your friends or families to give you a hand.



8. Superlemon


Why you need SuperLemon:


SuperLemon is a revolutionary app giving you the ability to add a WhatsApp button to your Shopify store for a one-on-one conversation with  customers through Whatsapp messaging.


It provides a mix of manual and automated abandoned cart recovery and cash on delivery order verification. You can also create a CRM and quickly customize your messages for your customer’s personalized experiences.


There are automated messages for chat support so customers can get support any time of the day or night. Additionally, it is the only app that supports Whatsapp Extension for smooth handling of customer service.


What's more really encouraging is Superlemon has a Free plan available forever, which means that every seller can use this app for store optimization with no cost.


9. CJdropshipping



Why do you need CJdropshipping:


If you are looking for suppliers and dropshipping solutions, you can try CJdropshipping for your Shopify store.


You can post sourcing requests for products, product importing, automatic order fulfillment with fast shipping, inventory management, and many more services by simply installing CJdropshipping and connect it with your store. CJ is free to test and use at the time.



Start your business with CJdropshipping


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