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Best 10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in March | TikTok & Facebook Winners

Best 10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in March | TikTok & Facebook Winners
CJFeb. 25, 2022 09:01:213602


Here we collect 10 trending products on TikTok and Facebook lately and some super cool dropshipping product ideas for March sales in 2022.

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Magic Paw Cleaner



It is a mug-shape cleaner and you put water and maybe some shower gel and then your pet’s little paw in it, and it helps to clean the paws easily after walking outside.


This post got popular on TikTok after releasing, which has reached over 4k likes and 2.7k shares by last Thursday. You can explore a little bit more if you want to see how the potential market could be, the estimated order volumes on this paw cleaner could reach 700 in one week.



Scroll down the comments below you can see how people engaged with positive feedback to show their interest. So for dropshippers who are looking for pet products, this magic paw cleaner is worth a try.



Multitasker Makeup Brush



The best part is you can use one single brush to finish the whole look on your face. It has 4 different brush heads that are stowed inside. When ladies go on travel or business trip, they do not need to carry loads of different beauty tools anymore.


Like this post on TikTok, you can see that it has nearly reached 17k likes with an estimated order volume of over 1000 sales. The product in the ads is well-designed with a relatively high-end look by their own molding.


With a multitasker design is that the product can have a higher value proposition. So you can find a similar product from suppliers or build your own brand using a more unique design.


The lowest product price from a supplier can be only $2.41 with a $5 shipping cost, you can talk about your design idea with the suppliers to create your unique design.



Sellers can even lower the average item cost by prestocking at only a 30% deposit on CJ now.



Relationship Check-in Deck


This product is like a truth or dare game, basically, couples pick up cards and answer random questions to enhance communication and overall connection between them.


And take a look at how this product performs on TikTok, which is posted only a few days before, it has already reached 10K likes, definitely potential market over there, and scroll down you can find many fresh comments under the post so that we know that this product is still raising enough attention from people by now.



This kind of game card can have a higher add-on value yet the product cost can be quite low. You can find suppliers at only $3.36 each with a $ 7 shipping cost, you can set the price like $25.55 or so with a creative promotion.



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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Set


Recently baby products are found going popular again and this niche could have relatively higher add-on value with reliable suppliers and smart product research.



You can see from this recent ad post that got 1.8k likes and about 690 comments on Facebook. So we can know that this kind of nail trimmer set is literally in demand.


It is a real problem solver that helps new parents to trim and polish their baby’s fingernails gently in case the baby scratches his or her face while sleeping.



Baby products can be more strict on materials and production hence the overall cost are easy to go up for sellers to win customers’ trust.


But the baby niche also works safely if you are willing to explore some specific gadgets that do not contact the baby directly but still can help parents to solve some problems.


You can also find new models for similar trimmer sets with a more lovely design like this banana-shaped trimmer set on CJdropshipping.



5-in-1 Keyboard & Earphone Cleaner


Such electronic device cleaners once become popular when they came out. Nowadays people are using more and more electronic devices in daily lives, you know, the cellphone, bluetooth earphones, laptops or something like that.


So related attachments like smart device cleaners and other gadgets are still in great demand - just think about the market base.


Like this cleaning brush kit with 4k likes and 1k shares on the recent post, it is literally a problem solver and that’s why people need it.



It is also a multitasker, you can use it to clean your keyboard, laptop, cellphone, your wireless earbuds, Xbox with all of these well-designed tools easily.


No matter where you are, at work, school, or home, this kind of product can have a wide range of use cases.


And essentially it is not hard to find suppliers with competitive prices for such products. The shipping will also tend to be lower since it is a small size, so it could leave you with a bigger profit margin.


Wearable Mini Skis


There’s a lot of big sports events going on in the world recently. Like the winter Olympic game, super bowl, thanks to the trend, people’s interests in sports keep on rising. So if you are in the sports niche, now is good timing to ride the wave.


You can find some interesting products like these wearable mini skis. The winter Olympic game has just finished and winter sports like skiing attracts people a lot.



The professional equipment may be way too expensive but everyone can have fun with these mini skis in the backyard.


So looking for suppliers on CJ, the product price is only $17.46 for each pair and you can put some scenarios like the whole family is playing outside together wearing these mini skis in the ads to have more engagement.




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Rechargeable Heated Socks



Along with the sports equipment, sellers can also upsell or create bundles with supporting stuff. Keeping warm when playing winter sports is also a good way to go, like putting the heated socks with mini skis or other hiking equipment together.



The socks won’t cost you a lot and you can find suppliers for this easily and it is an effective way to increase the average value of each order.


 Back & Neck Stretcher


As the sports trend rises, massage products are also going up again accordingly.


Not only from google trends and amazon searching data, but you can also use spy tools to monitor the live sales from other online stores, the recent sales volumes of massage items are increasing.



So this massage product on today’s list is a traction device that helps people to relax tight muscles and relieve neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. And let’s take a look at how this product performs on TikTok, definitely a proven seller with a huge market base.



This stretcher is simple and safe to use as well as lightweight, and the product price is also friendly to leave enough mark-up space.


Creative Easter Decor



Easter of this year is getting closer and it’s time for dropshippers to get ready and make sales. So here we picked 3 creative easter decor product ideas to help with your easter promotion.


#1 Wooden Rabbit Candle Holder


A delicate bunny candle holder can be a good decor product to test for easter. It’s meaningful, good-looking, and ritual.


Shoot some beautiful scenes of how people decor their rooms using these candle holders in your video which is the most straightforward way to leave buyers a deep impression.


If you are an Etsy seller, you can also try to add a DIY concept or contact the supplier for customized, so that you can sell your unique candle holder this year.


#2 Creative Easter Egg String Light


The egg is the must-have element on Easter. If you are looking for more creative egg decors, just go check this new string light.


The bulbs are designed into cracked egg shapes in different colors, and when you turn it on, the light will leak from the gap to create a mysterious but vibrant mood in your room.


#3 Bunny Decoration Wreath



The last easter product of today is the bunny decoration wreath. With led lights built inside, this kind of wreath can be a great mood-maker to spice up your rooms on this special day.


Dropshippers can find more suppliers for different easter products on CJ with a fast shipping solution.