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Black Friday Shoppers Grow at 9%? eBay Partners with Inpost to Speed up Delivery | eCommerce Weekly News

Black Friday Shoppers Grow at 9%? eBay Partners with Inpost to Speed up Delivery | eCommerce Weekly News
CJNov. 24, 2021 01:51:12971

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 25.

This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.



1. eBay partners with Inpost to speed up delivery

In recent news, eBay has partnered with Inpost to provide sellers with more convenient delivery options. The partnership marks InPost's continued expansion in the UK and its commitment to providing flexible solutions for the growing e-commerce marketplace.


For eBay, "At eBay, we're committed to providing the right tools to simplify the selling experience and help our sellers sell," said the company.


“Our partnership with InPost ensures that sellers have more choices in available shipping methods, providing a convenient way to send mail that saves both time and money, which is especially important during this busy trading period."


2. Black Friday shoppers grow at 9%, mostly young women

AfterPay Insights recently conducted a holiday season consumer survey of several major European countries. It interviewed more than 105,000 Dutch, German, Norwegian, and British consumers and found that this year's Black Friday period will attract at least twice as many consumers as Cyber


Monday and that the Black Friday and Netflix shopper base will have a 7% to 9% increase.


In short, the number of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers will continue to grow this year. And shopping groups are mainly women with children, sellers can refer to this when conducting marketing activities.


3. “Made in China” is more popular with U.S. consumers because of the price advantage

According to an American Amazon seller, many Americans tend to say they like "Made in USA" products, but their buying behavior does not reflect this (including the seller himself). This view immediately drew the approval of several U.S. Amazon sellers.


Although most sellers believe that U.S. consumers prefer "Made in the USA" products, price is still the main factor influencing 99% of shoppers to place orders.


In addition to consumers, there are local U.S. retailers who continue to buy products because of cost, even though they know they are made in China.



4. eBay UK Black Friday forecast: 66% of consumers will choose small business sellers

As the Black Friday shopping festival enters its sprint, eBay has recently made predictions for Black Friday sales in the UK in order to help sellers better prepare for the busy shopping festival.


This year eBay predicts that 66% of UK consumers plan to buy from small businesses on Black Friday. According to eBay, there are now 300,000 small businesses on the platform. The diversity of sellers allows consumers to have more choices when shopping.


In an era of uncertainty about inventory and supply chains, eBay's British small business sellers are the "secret weapon," the platform's chief said. The advantage of small business sellers is that they have a distributed supply chain, can be relatively flexible layout and mobilization of goods, to provide consumers with more choices.


5. Freight rates back down? The global supply chain shows signs of improvement

Reports say factories in Asia that have been closed in recent weeks due to the epidemic, energy shortages, and port capacity constraints have eased. Major U.S. retailers also say they have imported most of what they need for the holidays. In addition, sea freight rates have seen a pullback from record highs.


While all of this is good news, however, concerned economists and business executives say strong consumer demand for goods, continued congestion at U.S. ports, a shortage of truckers, and rising global freight rates will continue to weigh on the recovery. In addition, more extreme weather and the risk of recurring epidemics could clog supply chains again.


Shipping and retail executives said the backlog of orders at U.S. ports is expected to end in early 2022.



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