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Is Etsy Legit? Etsy Review 2021 - Is It Worth Selling?

Is Etsy Legit? Etsy Review 2021 - Is It Worth Selling?
CJNov. 23, 2021 03:10:221195


Etsy is a popular online marketplace both because it is a one-stop place for arts and aesthetics and because it's incredibly user-friendly thanks to all the perks it offers. The platform is evolving every day, yet it also questions whether or not selling on Etsy is worth it.


But before we get to the answer, let's explore everything about how Etsy works, how much it costs to sell on Etsy, what products are welcomed, and what is prohibited. We'll also jump into some of the top benefits of becoming an Etsy and seller and a few downsides of using the platform as well.

So, let's dive right in!


How does Etsy work? 

Etsy was founded in 2005, and now it's a one-stop marketplace for artists, craftsmen, creators, and all those with special talents and excellent skills. What you find on Etsy are primarily handcrafted, vintage art and craft products, and unlike other platforms like Amazon or Walmart, Etsy sellers create, select, and sell everything on it.


It can be simply defined as a bridge between creators and buyers as the self-employed entrepreneurs design their products and supervise and handle the orders.


● How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy?

Products for sale are found on Etsy's Listings. Every category is assigned a creation and expiry date, and the interval between the two is typical of four months. Also, the seller has to renew the products once they sell out to put them on the storefront again. And though Etsy doesn't charge anything to open an account (a pro!), you pay later for the products that are listed, sold, and shipped:


· Listing Fee: $0.20 per listing

· Transaction Fee: 5% every total sale amount

· Payment Processing Fee: 3% + $0.25 per money transaction (every order received)


● What to Sell on Etsy?

You can sell a variety of items on Etsy, and they can be categorized into the following:


· Handmade Items: These are the products that are created and/or designed by the seller. If you own a team, then all the team members must be named in the About section. The same applies to if you import products from an Etsy drop shipping supplier like CJ Dropshipping. Also, Etsy encourages using original photographs of the items.


· Vintage Items: The age of vintage products should be a maximum of 20 years; however, you must distinguish between vintage and "vintage-style" items as the latter aren't allowed.


· Craft Supplies: This includes tools, materials, and ingredients primarily intended for production purposes and/or a special occasion. You can also add handmade products in this category and so the commercial or vintage craft supplies.


Generally, Etsy items comprise of:

·  Gifts, jewelry items, and accessories


·  Entertainment products and toys


·  Planners, calendars, and other printables


·  Clothing, shoes, handbags, and other trendy items


·  Essentials for weddings and parties, as well as decorations


● What to Not Sell on Etsy? 

Some products are prohibited on Etsy, such as:


·  Drug Items: tobacco, alcohol, medical drugs, drug paraphernalia


·  Hate Items that encourage, sponsor, or glorify hatred


·  Violent Items that encourage, sponsor, or glorify violence


·  Pornography and adult content


·  Items that are subject to international regulation


·  Human remains and certain animal products


·  Hazardous materials, recalled objects, and weapons, etc.


·  Illegal Items that promote illicit action and items that are strictly controlled & prohibited



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What are Etsy’s Pros?

According to recent stats, there are almost 81.9 million active buyers and nearly 39.4 million active sellers on Etsy (data from statista.com). And the reasons are pretty obvious:


● Easy to Set Up 

Selling things on Etsy is much easier than opening an e-commerce store, as there is no need to start an online shop website. You can just go to the Etsy website, follow a few steps, and it will be done.


● Saves Time, Effort, and Money

Since you are not building your store, a few-step account opening saves the time you'll spend designing your shop. It also saves tons of money for purchasing a domain and hosting, not forgetting the hecticness that comes with setting them up.


● Simple to Use

A few of the many perks of being an Etsy seller are having easy access to your shop, quick configuration, and effortless maintenance like adding or editing listings to your shop. Also, Etsy is user-friendly; you receive guidance for everything and can update your shop anytime.


● Search Engine Optimization 

Etsy offers its users a comprehensive marketing strategy that favors new listings, and thus, you get instant recognition as soon as you add products to your shop. Not only that, Etsy is way cheaper when it comes to advertising, and you can start with as little as $10 per week.  


What are Etsy’s Cons?

Enough of the perks; now, let's go through some of the downsides you may face as an Etsy seller.


● Limited Options 

Etsy has a very clear line regarding the products you can sell; they should be only handcrafted, vintage, or unique. If Etsy finds out a product is violating its boundaries, it will simply remove the product from your shop.


● Copycats

Etsy is a place to show your creativity, but the market is also full of people who may steal your idea, modify it a little or just copy the entire product and present it as their own. However, the good thing is that creativity matters in the end, and you can always win with your talents and skills!


Is Etsy Worth Selling in 2021?

Etsy is a growing platform, but in case you are wondering, "is selling on Etsy worth it" then you better look at the stats. Almost 81.9 million active buyers and nearly 39.4 million active sellers may seem like high competition, but it also means better chances of success. (data from statista.com)


Etsy connects sellers and buyers, and it also provides you with the opportunity to verify a product's demand in the market without spending much time, energy, and money on it. You can have a startup and experience every stage before you plan on upgrading your shop. All of this makes Etsy worth a try.


Also, another perk of using Etsy is building an audience as you can grow your clients and later lead them to your website. Else, if you believe your creativity deserves some attention, Etsy is a great place to begin!


Frequently Asked Questions 

● Is Etsy Legit? 

Etsy is a legit online marketplace to connect artists, craftsmen, and creators with those who love to invest in art and aesthetics. Its primary focus remains on handcrafted, vintage, peculiar items, and it’s also user-friendly and easy to set up and use. You can explore many perks or just read some of the authentic Etsy reviews to know more!


● How Can You Sell On Etsy? 

Etsy supports personally designed products that you can list and sell. Conversely, you can also contract with a reliable dropshipping supplier and sell your products. Also, Etsy charges listing (per published product), transactions (every total sale amount), and payment processing fee (per order received).


● What Can You Sell On Etsy? 

You can sell anything on Etsy that belongs to the three categories - handmade, vintage, and crafted supplies. However, Etsy prohibits the selling of drugs, illegal, hazardous, violent, international regulated, and pornography-related products.