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Sustainable Shopping Boom Keeps on Going! Australia Delivered 21 Million Parcels in November |eCommerce Weekly News

Sustainable Shopping Boom Keeps on Going! Australia Delivered 21 Million Parcels in November |eCommerce Weekly News
CJDec. 08, 2021 03:45:53884

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 27.

This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.



Ⅰ. Rush the peak season| eBay online7 new promotional features 


Recently, eBay released a new announcement on its seller news page, stating that a new feature of Promoted Listings Advanced will be online.


eBay said the launch of new promotional features aimed at helping sellers to improve efficiency and increase the possibility of sales of promotional listings advanced BETA.

New items include:


1. monthly keyword search counts


2. the ability to download


3. A new negative keyword tab


4. Negative keyword counts


5. Expanded keyword view area


6. Hide zero quantity or out-of-stock items


7. Listing Count Summary


8. Filter listings by store category


Ⅱ. Australia delivered 21 million parcels in November to break the record, the largest proportion of the fashion category!

Australia Post said November 2021 was "the biggest month in Australia's online shopping history," with a record 21 million packages delivered during the November sales event.


According to Australia Post, online shopping records for the entire month of November were 13 percent higher than the same month last year and 76 percent higher than in 2019.


And almost a quarter of the parcels came from the fashion and clothing retail sector. Pet supplies and tools, garden supplies, footwear, and fashion accessories were also in high demand.


Ⅲ. Sustainable shopping boom keeps on going, eBay Black Friday refurbished product search volume soars 1800%!

According to an analysis of this year's Black Friday sales, people are eager to shop in a more sustainable way. On eBay, searches for certified refurbished products jumped 1,800% compared to the previous year's Black Friday! Sales of refurbished merchandise are more popular than ever.


Among them, refurbished cell phones and mattresses were the most popular among consumers.


Compared to Black Friday 2020, searches for refurbished mattresses increased 12% and searches for refurbished cell phones increased 100%; refurbished products accounted for 40% of sales in the technology and media category



Ⅳ. Global e-commerce category sales ranking: fashion ranked first with $760 billion!

The app Oberlo has ranked the category sales of the global e-commerce market based on a survey. This ranking provides direction for business sellers to select and sell products next.


The fashion category is the most sold category in the e-commerce market, and consumers will spend nearly $760 billion on fashion this year by way of online shopping. The fashion category accounts for more than 25% of total global consumer spending online, and this figure is expected to continue to increase.


In second place are the toys and DIY category. Online spending in this category is expected to exceed $590.7 billion in 2021.


Ⅴ. Another price increase! A large number of suspensions in one place, sellers of goods seriously piled up

Last month there was another massive suspension on the US side of the line, and while some sellers are wondering if sea freight costs will rise again, there are already signs of a rise on the air freight side.


It is reported that the new quarantine requires the aircraft division to quarantine 21 days, and the resulting shortage of personnel, a large number of flights will face the problem of being canceled. Among them, Cathay Pacific may cancel flights to Japan, the United Kingdom, India, and many other places.


After the cancellation of this flight, other airlines' slots also become limited, and the tightness of slots to many places in Europe will be more obvious. As many flights will be canceled this time, some freight forwarders said that the price will rise next week.



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