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Top 5 Niches to Sell in Q4 2021 | Potential & Promising Niches Recommendation

Top 5 Niches to Sell in Q4 2021 | Potential & Promising Niches Recommendation
CJOct. 19, 2021 11:53:221659


The dropshipping world is always changing and expanding, so if you want to make it big, it’s so important to know what people are looking for now, and what else they might want to know more.


Talking about what types of niches will be welcomed by people in this Q4, you may want to be able to catch a glimpse of people's mentality and study their behavior first.



No.1 Gifting

The first keyword seems very obvious. Q4 means that families will stay together and celebrate the end of a year since there are so many big festivals are on the way. People want to find gifts to send out to each other as well as looking forward to receiving something meaningful from others for various occasions.


No.2 Discount


People are waiting for the annual big sales in Q4, like “Black Friday”, and “Cyber Monday” to send “less” and take “more”. Retailers will put lots of discounts on their products and advertise them. Sometimes, these discounts can go as high as 70%.

The decreasing product prices are one of the most appealing motivations for people to purchase more in Q4. The last Black Friday had created a record of $9 billion in online sales in the US according to the data from CNBC, can you imagine that?


Source: CNBC


No. 3 Feeling “Normal”


Covid-19 is an unexpected disaster. But it is also a chance for eCommerce business. For people in 2021, after 18 months of quarantining, job uncertainty, and grave concerns for the health of family and loved ones.  People are longing to find ways to feel “normal”, to feel everything is alright now.

You can see the desire from people by the growth in spending on home furnishings, health care, and so on.


To sum up, the features of niches that are with potential for Q4 sellings can be:

· Giftable

· Unique

· Self-caring

· High perceived value

· Can be put in a set




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Top 5 Niche Recommendations for Q4, 2021


Niche 1. Health and Personal Care


According to the US eCommerce Forecast, 2021 from eMarketer, health and personal care will be one of the niches that grow more than 20% in 2021.




At the same time, as we mentioned just now, after going through the quarantine, people are paying more attention to their health. You can see the rising of such related searching on Amazon, not only for people themselves, but they are also likely to place orders for their families, friends, lovers as a gift to show how much they care about each other.




  Example 1. Sleeping-Friendly Pillows

People focus more on their health with this pandemic, so things like healthier pillows, anti-snoring devices, and just about anything related to sleep end up being great sellers.



  Example 2. Smart Watch


Not everyone can afford those expensive devices from famous brands like Apple, but people’s demand for such smartwatch devices is obvious- more and more people are relying on wearable gadgets to track their fitness regime, health stats, and instant messages. And that’s the point for dropshippers can do something.


Niche 2. Home Decoration and Furnishings 


This niche is the other one being expected to grow in 2021 by eCommerce Forecast, 2021 from eMarketer, which is also worth a try for Q4 selling events. People have more time spent in their homes compared with any other period since 2019, which makes home decoration a proven niche for online stores.

People’s desire to build a comfortable space for ourselves and our family after going through the dark moments leads to the increasing demand for home furnishings. They would like to order related products for their house to create a more comfortable atmosphere to live with families or themselves, especially there are many big sales during Q4.


  Example. Decoration Candles



The decoration candle is a good choice for both gifts and festival decorations. They have always been on Americans’ Halloween and Christmas shopping lists of decorations.



Females, in particular, are easier to fall in love with these little things so much by both appealing looks and the good smell. From the perspective of health, anxiety-ridden people can seek calm and comfort from scents and dancing flames. No wonder that they are sold so well. Of course, there are many other items in the home decoration niche which are also ideal for dropshippers to have a try.


Niche 3. Jewelry

The jewelry niche has always been a hot niche, by 2023, global online jewelry sales are expected to reach 340 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2035 it will reach 480.5 billion U.S. dollars according to a new report.


Source: Grand View Research


This niche will also do great in Q4 since it is a perfect gift choice that can carry so much more good and unique meanings, easy to be taken to anywhere with people, express unique personal beliefs with aesthetic value.

At the same time, if you still remember the features of potential niches for Q4, the jewelry niche has a high perceived value, meanwhile, they are easy to dropship with little sizes and wights themselves.


  Example. Personalized Necklaces



To express uniqueness, people are more likely to look for personalized items now, as well as for jewelry.

A personalized necklace can be an ideal gift for families, lovers, friends on a festival or anniversary, with their name or other touching words on it. For them, there’s only one special necklace in the world and it can not be found in any physical store. 


Niche 4. Pets

Pets niche is also one of the evergreen niches for online stores. When people are shopping for products as presents for their families, many of them consider their pets as a part of the family and will therefore purchase a gift for their pets too.



When people are feeling stressed or anxious during lock-down, their pets are always here to stay close and accompany them. Pets are so important, pet owners will definitely purchase something for them as gifts, and that’s a chance for dropshippers.


  Example. Christmas Pet Collar


These little decorations especially with festival concept design can be a wonderful choice for people to choose.

As you can see the search on this kind of pet collar is rising, to show people’s interest. What’s more, these little items can be sold in packs to increase the average value, so it is also can be a good choice for dropshipppers.


Niche 5. Toys


For families with kids, toys for kids as surprise presents on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas will also do a good job during Q4 selling campaigns.

When there’s a motivation, there will always be a demand. Parents like to buy their kids a lot of toys and it’s one of the days in the year when kids get gifted the most amount of toys, at the same time online sellers can make more sales in the toy niche.


  Example. Magic Writing Mat



This kind of magic writing mat can be a perfect gift for children on holidays. It will add more fun when there are more kids to play together, or for parents to have a happy parent-child time with their kids. Besides, this kind of toy can help the kids to develop more creative thinking as well as their abilities of imagination.

It is not only a gift for the child but also for the whole family. And this is our last product as an example. For dropshippers, if you are willing to dig in these potential niches for Q4 to sell, there will be more promising winning products here for your store.



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