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CJPacket—Good Solution for Your Dropshipping Business during Peak Season

CJPacket—Good Solution for Your Dropshipping Business during Peak Season
CJDec. 09, 2019 03:42:073330

As all dropshippers know, the peak season of online shopping often takes place in Q4. The Black Friday, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day and Christmas Day all will be celebrated at that time.


But one serious problem will always get our attention—delivery time. Many packages are backlogged in the warehouses or post office, so the delivery time cannot always be guaranteed as before and the tracking information may not get timely updates.


During the peak season, CJPacket will be a good solution for your dropshipping business.



To provide you better experience on CJ, we upgraded our shipping service. We have reached an agreement with the airlines and transport companies.


The packages of CJPacket will be shipped with special airplanes and trucks, which will greatly shorten the delivery time.


Especially for ordinary items over 285g, the estimated delivery time will be 5-7 days, faster than other shipping methods like ePacket.



For our quality customers, who have stable and bulk orders daily, we will consider pre-stocking the winning products of their stores in our US warehouses.


With enough inventory, we can only keep up the shipping time.


If we have inventory in US warehouses, the item even can be delivered within 3 days. It's kind of enjoying USPS+ service with CJPacket's price. Look at the following picture which shows CJPacket's delivery time within 8 days.



With Chinese New Year approaching, many factories will have nearly 1-month holiday and can't make just-in-time production for items out of stock.


Therefore, we also recommend our customers to purchase private inventory in our warehouses either in China or the US.


You need to pay for the products you want to stock in advance. After your customer places an order, our system will automatically ask if you want a deduction during payment. Then we'll ship it directly from our warehouse, which will decrease the average processing time.


Truck robbed, items seized by customs, snowstorms in North American, we've been experiencing challenges of shipping time. But we are also refining our services to make dropshipping convenient.


Available Countries Until March 2020, and Adding More Countries.


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