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How to Purchase or Bulk Purchase Inventory on CJ?

How to Purchase or Bulk Purchase Inventory on CJ?
2018-06-06 01:20:5823

Preorder inventory, AKA private inventory, will be a good choice if you want to shorten processing time and prevent products from the stock shortage. Once you have it, the stock is only available to you, and you can use this inventory to deduct product prices in your next order. 

Here are the general steps.

1. My CJ > Purchase List > Add Purchase;

2. Search the products by Name or SKU;

3. Add to Cart;

4. Select the variant that you want to buy and increase the quantity > Add;

5. Preorder Inventory;

6. Select a Warehouse;

7. Submit your order and pay for it;

8. Check the order status on Purchase List.

Here is a video.

1. My CJ > Purchase List > Add Purchase;

2. Search the products by Name or SKU;

Note: You can find the product on the homepage and copy the SKU. 

3. Click the orange button Add to Cart once you found the product;

4. Select the variant that you want to buy and increase the quantity > Add;

5. Select the product variants that you are going to purchase;

You can add the quantity or remove it > Preorder Inventory.

6. Select a Warehouse; 

Note: Please choose Shenzhen Warehouse in China if your products are electronic, liquid, and cosmetic items.  

7. Submit your order and pay for it. Then, CJ will prepare your products and stock them in our warehouse.

8. You can check the order status on Purchase List once you placed your first order, and also view or download the invoice here. 

Note: You can place bulk purchases if you want to ship your products to other places. Please follow the above steps:  Log inMy CJ > Purchase List Add Purchase > Bulk purchase > Add New Address > Submit > Pay.


You can contact your agent and go to our chat if you face any problems.