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How to Purchase or Bulk Purchase Inventory on CJ?

How to Purchase or Bulk Purchase Inventory on CJ?
CJJun. 05, 2018 17:20:588475

Preorder inventory, as known as private inventory, will be a good choice if you want to shorten processing time and prevent products from the stock shortage. After purchasing, the stock is only available to you, and you can use this inventory to deduct product prices in your next order


Here are the general steps:

1. Find your ideal product on the home page;

2. Click 'preorder inventory';

3. Select a warehouse;

4. Submit your order and pay;

5. Check the inventory status.


Detailed Steps:

1. Find your ideal product on the home page. You can search the product by category, product name, or SKU.



2. Click 'preorder inventory';



3. Select a warehouse. It will have an inbound warehouse and/or shipping cost to ship the products from the factory to our warehouse. Our staff will check the product quality and arrange the warehousing.

*The inbound cost will be updated in your bill so you can pay it before the due date.



4. Submit your order and pay after confirming the order amount. 

*When you choose CJ's warehouses in China or in the US, you can pay for the order directly. When you choose our cooperated overseas warehouses, we will make a review on your request and it may take 12-24 hours.



If the payment page cannot load successfully, you may also go to Purchase List to pay.



5. View your order status




You can contact your agent and go to our chat if you face any problems.



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