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How to Work with CJdropShipping?

How to Work with CJdropShipping?
CJMay. 03, 2018 09:08:5211212

You may know CJ from several ways, but have no idea about what is CJ and how to work with CJ. Never mind, we will make it clear here.






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What is CJ?
CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping suppliers and solutions for dropshippers. You can Connect your WeD2C, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Lazada, Shopee store, and use CJ automatically order processing system.  

The main steps to work with CJ:

a. Create a CJ account

b. Have an online store: you can start dropshipping business as follows: Store Authorization – Product Listing/Connection - Sync your orders - Pay.

c. Without an online store: you can place orders as follows: Choose the product - Add to SKU List - Go to Dropshipping Center - Create Orders.

d. Check the status of the order after the order been shipped out: Please go to My CJ-DropShipping Center-DropShipping orders-Processing/Processed. Click the number in blue. You will have a tracking number. Then, you can track in on CJ Packet Tracking.



There're two types of products you can sell, one exists in CJ, the other doesn't exist in CJ.

  Type 1: Selling CJ existed Products.  

a. List CJ products to your stores and the orders will automatically be generated once you get sales.

b. You can place dropshipping orders through our APP. 



  Type 2: Selling products not existed on CJ.

a. Let us know your best sellers with the product URL and picture. Then we will try to source and quote you a better price than your current vendor. You can watch the video here to know more abouhow to post a sourcing request. 

b. If you like the price, please send the orders to us. You can place dropshipping orders through our APP. You can also place CSV or EXCEL dropshipping orders

c. Once you paid for the drop shipping orders, then we will try to fulfill the orders on the same day if there is stock of this product, and generate the tracking numbers for all of them.  



Where to find more?

You can go to the Tutorial to learn how to start and scale the dropshipping business.
Here is the overview of CJDropshipping - Step by Step: 




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