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Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping(And 6 Hot Niches Recommendation)

Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping(And 6 Hot Niches Recommendation)
CJMay. 20, 2020 02:36:355879


Here’s the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping from April 15th to May 15th. From the list, there are 6 niches which had a very excellent performance. These niches are marked with different colors so they can show in a clear way. The 6 niches are beauty products, masks, fashion jewelry, garden products, kitchen products, and shaping & slimming products. The top 11 cover all these niches.




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Niche 1: Beauty Products


What unexpected is that beauty products ranks the hottest niche, this niche is marked with pink. There are 16 beauty products on the list, and two on the top 10, the acne stickers ranks top 1 and hair removal gel ranks top 7.


The weather gets hotter as summer coming, girls show more skins, so the demand for hair removal products is going up. That explains why hair removal gel ranks top 7 and hair removal spray ranks top 89, and the demand is rising steadily.  


Ladies are doing a manicure at home as nails salons closing under this special circumstance. No wonder there are four nail products, counts one-quarter of the 16 beauty products. And doing manicure is an enjoyable way to kill time when there are limited entertainments to do.



These gel nail polish pen is highly recommend, for it is novel and very easy for green hands to handle. With 60 color options, girls will not only buy one of them.



Besides, this kind of nail polish pen must be co-used with a nail dryer UV LED lamp, which ranks 91 of the list. If you are going to sell the nail polish pen, do not forget to list this UV LED lamp to your store, and try to remind your customers on your product page that they should get a lamp to go with the nail polish pen.    



Niche 2: Masks


Masks have been ranking the top sellers for months, I think there is no need to talk about how masks are in need. I would like to share some new policies about masks, days ago, in China, KN95 masks and medical masks were banned from exporting. Now it is still under restriction, the carriers can only ship a limited quantity of mask, so the shipping fees for KN95 masks and medical masks are very high shipping from China nowadays. The good news is, we have an inventory of these two masks in CJ US warehouses, if you are selling to the US, just list or buy from our US warehouse. And to other western countries, you should consider the shipping costs. Another good news is, cotton masks are unconstrained, these masks with filters are very good alternatives.



Niche 3: Fashion Jewelry


Fashion jewelry is a high profitable niche for dropshipping, as it is tiny, the total dropshipping price would not be high, but you can sell at a high price by proper marketing. CJ Dropshipping started with a fashion jewelry company, the name CJ is short for Cute Jewelry, so if you want to brand and scale up your business, this niche can’t be a bad choice. There are 8 products on the top 100 list under the niche of fashion jewelry, while half of them are bracelets, which means bracelets with hundreds of styles are easier to market. Meanwhile, multi-layer style, either for bracelets or necklaces are on trend this year.



This kind of volcanic stone bracelet was a hot seller in 2019, and continues unabated in 2020, ranks top 80 of the top 100 best sellers.



Niche 4: Garden Products


As people are forced to stay home, they spend more time gardening. Though there are only 4 garden products on the list, their rankings are on the top, the total quantity sold of these 4 products is around 30,000 pcs of the previous month.



This high-pressure power washer ranks top 6, this is a very handy product, with which you can water the plants, wash the ground and outer wall, as well as cars. As people find nowhere to wash their cars, they are more often to wash the car at home themselves, this high-pressure washer just hit the painpoint, makes car wash much easier.


Niche 5: Kitchen Products.


Kitchen products could be a promising niche under COVID-19 as people have to dine at home and cook more. This niche does not let me down. Five products under this niche are on the top 30.



This kitchen drawer organizer once be recommended in this blog, it ranks top 22 on the list.


Niche 6: Shaping & Slimming Products


The hot sellers under shaping & slimming niche are slim patches, belly-slimming patch, shaping pants, eight pack slimming cream and belly shape belt. Apart from shaping apparels, which is an “evergreen” niche on CJ, slim patches are newly emerging, they rank top 9 and top 47. As outdoor activities are limited, people are easily gaining weight during quarantine, some are doing the workout to keep fit, while quite a lot of people are seeking for a more “leisure” way to have a graceful curve, that’s why shaping & slimming products are on rising demand.


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