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USPS Recycled Tracking Numbers

USPS Recycled Tracking Numbers
CJDec. 13, 2018 05:10:132745




We recently noticed that there are recent orders with tracking numbers that were recycled from our system’s previous orders.  When we try to check the status of these tracking numbers in the USPS system, the USPS system is showing the delivered status of the previous order and not the status of the current order.  We realized that this will create confusion for your customers, so if your customers are questioning theserepeated tracking numbers, please refer them to this article.




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Example of the problem:




We are a high volume shipper meaning we ship more than 100,000 pkgs per month, therefore, some of these tracking numbers will inevitably be recycled. Usually, the recycled tracking numbers have updated status, however, because the recent increase of shipping volumes due to the holiday seasons, tracking numbers were recycled in a shorter time lapse and USPS’s system does not have enough time to scrub the tracking status of the previous order to update the tracking status for the recent order.


The USPS recycled tracking numbers has beena known issue to all high volume shippers such as Amazon, eBay, and ShipEasy(please refer to the related articles below and you will see that the recycledUSPS tracking numbers is a common event for sellers and shippers alike).








We’ve taken action with USPS to eliminate recycled tracking numbers for our customers and getting the most recent status updates for the tracking number, but please give us 7 – 10 days to work around this issue.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assure that we are not sending fraudulent tracking numbers to your customers that shows the packages are delivered when in fact itis not.


Once we have this issue fixed, you should see tracking status updates for your orders.  Please refer your customers to this article if they have any questions, thank you!



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