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Oberlo Is Shutting Down - What Are the Best Alternatives to Oberlo?

Today we got breaking news for dropshippers. Oberlo, one of the most well-known apps on Shopify will officially close its entry on June 15th, 2022. Oberlo has been a successful dropshipping app. It provides a convenient method for store owners to fulfill orders with AliExpress. Among all th

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Top 16 Best Dropshipping eCommerce Platforms 2022

To run a dropshipping business, you don’t need to rent a storefront to display and store your goods, but usually, you need a platform to build up your online store, and import products from suppliers. The following will focus on the 16 main platforms, and will hopefully give you more insight i

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How to make dropshipping business easier with CJ plan 2022?

Essentially, as you know, dropshipping is a simple selling model that you can find third-party suppliers who are capable of shipping, product inventory, and to fulfill the orders and all you need to do is to find products and engage potential customers to purchase. The dropshipping market has b

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What to Sell on Mother's Day? 10 Winning Product Ideas with Top Suppliers 2022

If you have no idea about how could Mother’s day becomes such a profitable holiday marketing event every year, mother’s day is not only the 3rd largest retail holiday in the US, but over 50 countries are going to celebrate this special day in May, which means that there are consiste

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30 Successful Shopify Store Reviews 2022 | Dropshipping Store Examples

Looking at examples of Shopify dropshipping stores is great to learn from the best eCommerce sellers. In this way and by analyzing their traffic, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and strategies, you will find a lot of inspirational ideas about design, products, or supplies, and price range. If

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Top 6 Shopify APPs for Store Optimization in 2022 | Hack Tools

To expand your Shopify business effectively, learning to make the most of tool apps with different features is a crucial way to create a unique online business with influential marketing and a responsive backup system. We’ve uploaded a lot of content talking about dropshipping tools, but as


Russia-Ukraine "ripple effect" may push up shipping costs again? Transport disrupted in several European countries | Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 40. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. eBay UK's top-selling products for 2021, with the fashion category the most profitable To better understand the shopping preferences of UK consumers, Wholesale Clearance recently conducted


eBay Plans to Launch its First Digital Payment Wallet? Twitter is Expanding its Social eCommerce Business with Twitter Shops | Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 39. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. US children's clothing market recovers as sports fashion becomes a hot trend As vaccination rates increase and schools reopen to offline teaching and extracurricular activities. The US chi


Global supply chain pressures ease in February! Annual sales of office supplies in the US reach $14.5 billion | Weekly eCommerce News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 38. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. Global supply chain pressures ease in February Global supply chain pressures eased in February as backlogs and delivery times improved in several key markets and measures of seaborne


UPS and FedEx stop shipments to Russia and Ukraine! Pet grooming products become popular in Europe and the US | Weekly eCommerce News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 37. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. American shoe sales hit 100 billion, fashion footwear may recover The average price of Footwear in the US will continue to rise through 2024, but at a slower pace than last year, partly be


Best 10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in March | TikTok & Facebook Winners

Here we collect 10 trending products on TikTok and Facebook lately and some super cool dropshipping product ideas for March sales in 2022. Join in our FB group and Follow us on Youtube to receive more fresh recommendations about winning products. Magic Paw Cleaner It is a mug-shape cl

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Social eCommerce to Be Worth $120 Million! European Countries Hit by Strong Storms, Ports Closed, Flights Suspended | Weekly eCommerce News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 36. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. Shopping shifts from physical to virtual, social e-commerce to be worth $120 million According to Sprout Social, 68% of consumers will get used to buying directly from social media, and