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How to Proceed When Shopify Orders Syncing Failed?

Shopify is the most commonly used platform for our customers. The integration between Shopify and CJ is well made. If you feel confused about why some of your orders haven't been synced to CJ, we collected possible reasons and solutions for you to check. The order can be synced as long as it me

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How to Setup Automatically Dropshipping Orders?

When you registered the CJ account, you may wonder how to deliver orders automatically. Here are some directions for you to achieve that. After these steps, CJ team will automatically handle the orders in your shop, ship for you and send the tracking numbers to your customers. Simple Directions: 1

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How to Transfer your Store from Old Account to New Account?

Store transfer is available on the CJ platform. You can transfer from account A (Old Account) to account B (New Account). Notes: All data and connections will not be transferred to account B (New Account), so you need to set everything again. If you want to transfer all data and connections, plea

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How to Place a Sample or Testing Order?

Many of you may hear reviews of CJdropshipping, whether it's good or bad. We all know the best way to learn something is to experience. If you want to know CJ better, just go to place a test order. You should: 1. Go to Dropshipping Center; 2. Choose a product; 3. Confirm the product in the shoppin

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How to Use Private Inventory?

The deduction of private inventory is really simple and smart. You can choose to deduct your inventory when you check your orders on the order confirmation page. The whole deduction process is as follows:1. Add Orders to Cart and Submit them. 2. Set Inventory Deduction. 3. Pay for Orders. 1. Ad

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How to Return Dropshipping Orders to CJ?

Out of many reasons, subjective or objective, you might need to deal with the return request from your customers. In this case, you can refer to this tutorial based on CJ's Refund Resend and Return Policy if the buyer insists on returning packages. Please note that products can be returned to

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How to Import an Excel or CSV Order?

If you do not have a store or website connected with our platform, your orders still can be dealt with through importing Excel Template manually. Here are the general steps. 1. Login in your CJ account> DropShipping Center > Imported Orders > Click the icon; 2. Click "Download" to downl

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How to Place a Manual Dropshipping Order to CJ?

CJ develops a feature that allows CJ customers simply to create orders inside the CJ platform. In the following, we will introduce: 1. How to create orders for those special orders? a. Go to Dropshipping Center; b. Choose a product; c. Confirm the product in the shopping cart; d. Fill in the shipp

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6 Order Status in Dropshipping Orders

Below are the six types of status of Dropshipping Orders: 1. Awaiting payment. 2. Pending. 3. Processing. 4. Dispatched. 5. Completed. 6. Closed. 1. Awaiting Payment. Unpaid orders will be listed in Awaiting Payment where you can find and pay for them whenever you're ready. But the inventory for t

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How to Open/Close a Dispute on CJ?

We would like to help your business grow, and we will be responsible for each dropshipping order from CJ. Here we summarize the steps for how to open a dispute for bulk purchase orders (begin with 'ZF') and dropshipping orders. Every order will be handled strictly under Refund, Resend and Returns P

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How does CJ Work and What is the Overview

CJ Dropshipping is a comprehensive website to help every dropshipper from start to success. Product sourcing, warehousing, order processing and shipping, literally everything involved. In this tutorial, we will show you how all of these work on our website. Main parts of CJ's work:1. Product Sourci

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How to Combine Orders on CJ for the Same Receiver?

You can combine orders before payment when your customer places two or more orders and wants to receive them in one package. Besides, orders combination will save shipping costs. Here are the general steps:1. Selected orders you want to combine; 2. Check order information carefully; 3. Check it on

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