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E-Packet at Full Capacity use CJ Packet instead

E-Packet at Full Capacity use CJ Packet instead
CJOct. 22, 2018 23:55:002662




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Look at these HUGE POTATO SACKS!


Guess what's in them?  E-packets that you want to deliver to your customers on time.  This is a scene our staff took at an E-Packet central sorting facility for shipments to the USA.  They are at full capacity right now.  We're not even in the middle of the peak season yet

If you want to get your packages delivered, I highly suggest that you try other ways to ship out your packages this holiday season instead.



For example, try CJ's own CJpacket shipping method, you don't have to compete for airspace with the rest of the epacket crowd. CJPacket has a steady delivery date of 5-10 days whereas epacket in peak season to the US might take up to 30-45 days.  CJ Packet is also cheaper in comparison to epacket (see chart).


Another option is to use our USPS+ method which airships your packages from our China warehouses to our US facility in 1-2 days and then sent out to your customer via USPS in 2-5 days--total average delivery time is 3 -10 days.

I've also included a comparison chart that shows the prices vs. weight for the different shipping method, as you can see, the heavier your item, the cheaper it is to our USPS+ method (blue line), but for anything under 2000g, our CJPacket (orange line) is cheaper, faster, and much more reliable during the peak season than epacket (red line).



Our ultimate secret solution for dropshipping within the US is to prestock your inventory in our US warehouse and ship your items out the next day via USPS which takes 2-5 days to get to your customer's hands.  You only need to add the product to cart and choose our US warehouse as the shipping address. We will not charge any processing fee or stocking fee. There's a tool inside of CJ's APP to keep track of the inventory level so you know when you need to restock.  You only pay for the product and the shipping cost as you receive orders which helps you conserve your cash flow to test or scale your ads.  No additional loading fee, warehouse fee, storage fee, fulfillment fees.


To learn more about our US warehouse and its benefits, you can see the article here, or head over to app.cjdropshipping.com and talk to one of our representatives!


Available Countries Until March. 2020, and Adding More Countries.

AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
BR Brazil
CA Canada
DE Germany
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
IN India
IT Italy
MX Mexico
NL Netherlands (the)
SE Sweden
TH Thailand
US United States of America (the)
VN Viet Nam




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