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YANWEN Shipping, Take Care of Your Dropshipping, FBA, POD

YANWEN Shipping, Take Care of Your Dropshipping, FBA, POD
CJ2018-09-13 01:12:5828

Dropshipping is a trending online business mode that relies on delivery heavily. In this business the seller doesn’t have to handle the goods directly, all the supply process will be handled by the dropshipping platform they choose and the goods will be delivered right to the end customer. So shipping can actually make or break your business.

As one of the best dropshipping platforms in China, CJdropshipping provides many shipping sources, including CJ Packet, USPS, EMS, DHL and Yanwen Express, etc. In this article, we will be cover the service of Yanwen Express.



Known for short as Yanwen, the Beijing Yanwen Logistics Company Limited was established in 1998. Today, the company has offices in over 50 cities across China, with its headquarters located in Beijing. The logistics company largely serves as courier middleman, picking up parcels from sellers in China and forwarding them to other couriers at the various destinations the packages are destined for. Yanwen uses air, rail, road, and sea transportation methods to ship packages and has international reach as part of its services.


Service & Capability

Yanwen is the first company to obtain both an international express business license and an international mail business license, making it uniquely positioned within the market. Operating with its own self-developed system, Yanwen has become a market-leading parcel delivery, forwarding, and logistics company that is rapidly expanding its network globally.


Yanwen Express delivers to more than 120 countries globally and is responsible for the forwarding of around 1.5 million parcels daily. Packages handled by Yanwen typically are items purchased from eCommerce websites and marketplace platforms such as Alibaba and BangGood and it often works with other courier companies, such as DHLRoyal Mail, and UPS to finish deliveries of items ordered from China to European and North American countries.




Advantages of Using Yanwen Express

Wide coverage of package pickup: Yanwen has 50 processing facilities across the country, which can meet the pickup requirements for 95% of sellers.

Diversified products: Yanwen provides various types of logistics services such as ordinary mail, tracked, or special line services. Sellers can choose the desired services according to their needs.

Wide delivery coverage: Yanwen provides logistics services to most countries around the world.


How to Track a Yanwen Package?

You can track Yanwen packages through the Yanwen website or you can use Ship24, a universal, multi-courier tracking system that offers true end-to-end tracking. It is recommended when shipping with Yanwen to use Ship24 as shipments are often handed over to other couriers, such as in Europe or North America when they arrive. Ship24 will allow you to keep tracking your parcel regardless of who takes over handling in the destination country.




How long does Yanwen shipping take?

In general, Yanwen special line is a more cost-effective shipping method, similar to say, a standard shipping option. The delivery turnaround is about 1 to 14 days under normal circumstances.


The Yanwen shipping time depends on the selected delivery service as well as the weight and size of the parcel being shipped. There are several different shipping services available (written below) but the cost and availability of these services will depend on the size and weight of your parcel and the delivery timeframe you require.


What may cause delays to that delivery timeframe are unforeseen circumstances. The could include statutory holidays, the final destination being a rural or particularly remote area, severe weather events, policy adjustments (such as hold-ups at customs) or exceptional events like outbreaks of disease, such as seen during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, which caused a worldwide shipping slowdown due to lockdowns and border closures.


Border closures can also be caused by other factors, which may further delay package deliveries. The best way to keep abreast of any issues that your parcel delivery could face, it is always best to check with the courier. Otherwise, in certain cases delivery is sometimes unavoidable. To check the status and location of your Yanwen parcel, or a parcel with another courier, go to the Ship24 website and enter your tracking number in to its simple to use, free, universal tracking system and get the latest info on your order.