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How to drop ship sensitive products like powder, magnetic, battery, cream contained?

How to drop ship sensitive products like powder, magnetic, battery, cream contained?
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Dear customers, as you’ve known, we CJdropshipping have many shipping methods, including CJ packet, e-packet, DHL, several special lines, etc. Here, I'd like to give you several tips on sensitive products contain powder, magnetic, battery and cream,etc.



The image above is the homepage of calculations for shipping methods. Here, you can choose your destination, attribution of the products and input weight, then the appropriate methods, price, and delivery time will be demonstrated.


According to the relative domestic regulations on international packages, different shipping methods have different restrictions on delivery. Taking dangerous factors into consideration, powder and sharp commodities are always prohibited while transporting from China to the US applying e-packet. And several shipping methods put prohibitions on liquid products in that it may contain potential risks. Taking the United States of America as our destination, we will show you different shipping methods for different species as follows.



1.Electronic Products


First, you can look up to our website to calculate by yourself.


Electronic products like watch can be demonstrated as follow methods. You have the right to decide which shipping methods you want.




2. Battery Contains



Products contain battery can be delivered through these methods.



3.Pure Battery


Pure battery products are strictly banned for transportation from China to the US.





Only CJ liquid and USPS can deliver goods contain liquid. Each package should be controlled within 30ml. If your order is more than 30ml, then you need to spilt your oder into two packages.



5. Magnetic Products


Magnetic products can be delivered among below shipping methods.




6. Powder


First of all, white power is totally prohibited for transportation. Others can be delivered through as follow.




7. Sharp Commodities


Considering dangerous factors, sharp commodities can be delivered through Bpost, DHL Official, HK Post, PostNL, USPS from China to the US.


In conclusion, according to this linkhttps://app.cjdropshipping.com/myCJ.html#/myCJShippingCalculation , you can check the shipping methods first, and decide which is the best choice for you before make orders. And keep it in mind that white powder is banned for transportation and each package should contain liquid within 30ml.


If you have further questions about our shipping methods, you can click the following link then you can calculate by yourself. https://app.cjdropshipping.com/myCJ.html#/myCJShippingCalculation


If you have any other questions, please contact us. Thank you for your long-lasting support and understanding.



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